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121Techsupport possesses a team of certified engineers capable of handling the customer’s day-to-day computer troubles. Isolating the problem, finding the root cause and make necessary amends to make sure it doesn’t culminate ever again is the way we deal with it. The computer (both laptop and desktop) may come from any brand such as HP, Dell, Lenovo, Apple, Microsoft, Sony, Samsung etc and could be sold by any seller such as BestBuy, Walmart, 7eleven, Staples, Amazon etc but the point remains. No brand or Seller for that matter caters to after sales service as required by most individuals. We at 121Techsupport make sure that this gap is filled and you get all the customer support you need.


Your computer/laptop is meant for storing & sharing information. It can be in the form of Datasheet, video or audio files be it your favourite movies or that favourite album which you liked back in high school. Your convocation photos which you may cherish or your child’s first walk or maybe your wedding photos. These are priceless moments which you cannot afford to loose but what if something goes wrong and these get deleted or corrupt due to some random virus attacks? The fear is real!
But we at 121 Tech Support have a propreitary software which can recover any kind of data from any piece of hardware without breaking a sweat! Don’t take our word for it, try it and you’ll know it!


Using a device which is embedded with millions of tiny transistors which interpret data and display it to the user sounds complicated and it really is. Such a complicated peice of device is more oftenly a computer which is basically used for almost everything in today’s date and you might ocassionally run into some unexpected problem. Crash of the Operating system, Hard drive rendered dysfunctional or maybe the internet is running slow. There could be countless such similar problems which need to be addressed at a right time before it gets worse. But if you contact 121 Techsupport, you’d be lucky and amazed at what we could do to help you out!


One of the area of expertise of Our network specialized engineers is to  troubleshoot, setup, install or upgrade firmware of a router. Whether it be a Wifi or Wireless router. Network discovery of all the devices on your network from Printers, scanners, ipad, tablet pcs, laptops or even mobiles. We make sure each and every device is connected to your home router and also at the same time its 100 percent safe and secure to browse through the internet. If you are locked out of your router, unable to find its admin password, we can help you recover and reset the password so that you can gain access to it again. Belkin, Netgear, Cisco, Motorola, TP-Link, D-Link are among the many famous brands which we have configured and fixed up.


Does your computer Desktop/Laptop take too long to start? There could be various reasons behind this phenomenon. Computers are sensitive piece of equipment which when handled improperly could render useless. You need to service your car inorder to make sure it functions well. Similarly, when it comes to computers you need to make sure you have it optmized from time to time. Clean out any junk files, error logs, update packages and temp files. These when stacked up for a long time hinder the usage of Operating system. If it takes more than 2 seconds to execute a comamnd or open a file on your computer then you know you need Computer support to Optimize your Operating system right away!!


Computers have become an essential part of our lives and with their usage arise a huge demand in troubleshooting problems that may come as a result of rigorous or improper usage.
Our Computer Service covers wide aaray of Verticals and supports a lot of services inlcuding but not limited to:
1) Mac Support
2) Microsoft Windows Support
3) Router Support
4) MS Office Support
5) Printer Support
6) Antivirus Support
7) Email Support
8) Computer Optimization and maintenance
9) Network & Wireless or Wifi support
10) New or Refurbished Computer Sales

Need any Computer related Solution… We are there for you !!!

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Relaibility is second nature to us. We thrive ony because people depend upon us when they come up with a problem. We provide them with a solution almost instantaneously!

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At 121 Tech Support, We pride ourselves to be called as the “First Respoders” since you get answered within 30 seconds whether its a chat support session or a phone call!

Remote and Onsite Help

You have a issue that needs attention? If it can fixed up remotely, we make sure its done immediately. If requires special attention, we can fix up an appointment for door step onsite resolution.

Round the Clock Available

Did you know we are available 24×7 days a week and 365 days a year via our Toll Free support and Instant chat options, Check out our Social Media options as well. We are there whenevr you need us!

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We understand convenience to contact us is the key. Hence we are available 24×7, 365 days a year on our Toll Free support +1 833 338 9444 via phone and a chat support team if phone lines are busy!

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We have been recommended for Quality Customer Service and Exceptional Customer Support across United States and Canada.
We don’t say that, 36500+ customers admit to this fact!


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