121techsupport.com is Product of 121 Tech Support

121 Techsupport is your trustworthy online remote support company specailizing in troubleshooting, repair, setup and installation engulfing complete computer software ecosystem. Convenience of reaching us out via Telephone, Instant Chat support and email is just icing on the cake! 

We at 121 TechSupport are proud to have a team of certified tehnicians and state of the art technological and intellectual prowess. The wide variety of Services which are covered by us includes: 
1) Antivirus Support
2) Printer Support
3) Router Support
4) Email Support 
5) Mac Support or Apple Support 
6) Wireless Support or Wifi support 
7) Micorsoft Office Support Or Microsoft Office 365 Solutions 
8) Computer Optimization
9) System Restoration
10) Garmin Support
11) Data Recovery
12) Security Solutions
With our 360 solution of all software and hardware support for any and all devices in your computer ecosystem. Brands such as Dell, HP, Lenovo, Canon, Lexmark, Brothers, Samsung, Asus, Xerox, Belkin, Netgear, TP-Link, Motorola, Cisco, D-Link etc are some big names with wide range of products are covered. Each have a specific hardware and their drivers support software that differ from brand to brand. Troubleshooting, Setup, Repair, Installation and maintenance is something we have hands on experience with.  Along with OEM devices and peripherals, there are many other problems which you may encounter in day to day operation of your computer and for such unexpected problems you need an efficient Online Support capable enough to resolve it in a jiffy!

What we aspire? 

 We aspire to uncomplicate your complex computer troubles and reduce your repair and maintenance costs to a minimum. There is probably no other Online Remote support as deligent and as effective as ours since we have the technical Know-how to manage any IT realted issues. We will strive to improve our services as much as possible and work together with our customers as a team or better yet as a family!

What we offer :

  • Tech aid for all types of computer troubles round the year.
  • Instantaneous resolution of emergency issues.
  • Vital computer troubleshooting through state of the art screen sharing applications.
  • Affordable plans customized to your Tech needs.
  • Easy troubleshooting lessons with real time feedback.
  • Comprehensive software packages covering network and computer security essentials

How are we different :

Your honest feedback helps us improve our services. We collect your feedbacks, suggestions to shape our pc support model. At 121 Tech support, We understand each individual’s needs are obviously different from others and it certainly differs from person to person. Hence we customize the packages and only offer the service solutions that you really need to buy rather than pushing for unneeded ones. That’s what makes us stand out of the crowd and helped us gather loyal customers from all over United States and Canada. Our Technicians help you understand what your problem really is, what are the possible solutions and which one will actually work for you, that’s our approach and we continue to improve and improvise our methods and make our solutions better and better everyday.