Antivirus Support


What is Antivirus and Why Do you Need it?

Well, Antivirus or Internet Security Software is the only thing that keeps your online activity safe and secure. It is designed to scan your computer and any storage devices for PUP or programs that could have been installed unintentionally and or misrepresented of doing something else while their activity could jeopardize your computer security and your internet activity as well. Such programs are dubious and there is no sure shot way to know this. There are huge number of harmful programs out there on the internet which make their way in our computer’s memory and you never come to know about it until the damage is done. Some programs which can replicate all files in your system and create a shortcut icon instead. This behaviour is shown by worm and you cannot undo this damage in most cases.
Then there are spywares like a Keyloggers a program that can record any and all keyboard activity, take screenshots of your screen and perhaps send it to someone else remotely, same is Trojan horse or RAT tool which is the highest level of threat your computer can face. This has the capability to plant itself in some hidden sysem process and monitor all your computer activity, record it and perhaps grant unauthorized access to your computer. It can plant backdoors, hidden entry points for the attacker to gain access of your machine anytime he wants and use it for his own maclicious intents. The possibility to misuse your computer and network is endless and could mean serious cyber crimes. Identity theft, use of personal information, gathering your personal photos, videos, sensitive documents, credit card and banking information could get compromised. In a nutshell, this could potentially doom the victim for good!
Hence Internet protection for the Computer is vital and undisputed. That protection is offered by Antivirus programs only. The real challenge that comes forward is to know which security software is actually comptabile and needed.


How to get Antivirus Tech Support from 121 Techsupport?

We cater to all types of antivirus installation, setup and troubleshooting requirement, in just three steps :

Step 1: Dial our Tollfree number +1 833 338 9444 or contact us via Instant Chat Support Session
Step 2: Share your specs of laptop, name and model along with the name of antivirus software or the difficulty you’re facing.
Step 3: Our technicians will esatblish a secured 128 bit end to end encryption remote support session to connect with your computer.

Once we are connected, our antivirus support specialists will diagnose the root purpose of the technical glitch (if any), detect virus or malware you need to get rid of out of your computer and optimize the settings as per the configuration of the laptop/desktop. In addition to technical help, Tech support specialists will suggest you  viable pointers and quick tips to save you from similar issues in the future. 

How antivirus support works?

121 Techsupport offers complete antivirus solutions to help with detection and removal of virus, malware, Trojan, spyware, computer virus and unique protection threats. Furthermore, detection and removal of malicious files or programs from your Computer and the entire home network as well. The Antivirus support additionally covers all kinds of technical help you need with all kinds of antivirus software software from all brands. The brands we primarily support are Norton from Symantec, Kaspersky Internet Security from Kaspersky Labs, Avast antivirus, AVG Cloud Antivirus Support, Quickheal Antivirus, Webroot Antivirus, PC secure, Eset Nod 32 along with a few more. We uncover immediate threats of any kind and can perform following steps:

  • Diagnosis of system configuration
  • Download of compatible antivirus program
  • Set up
  • Configuration
  • Optimization
  • Scanning for threats and neutralizing them
  • Sandbox environment for unidentified software publishers
  • Schedule daily/weekly antivirus scan 
  • Security updates and patches
  • Control protection signals
  • Troubleshoot antivirus problems
  • Smart Security solutions for both Personal and Business computers

What’s more?

Now it is plausible that you may find some antivirus programs cheaper than the other and yes it will confuse you as to which one would really suit your needs or save money. But then, you must know Security software is nothing but piece of code which work in conjucntion with daily updates from the Virus Labs. They are as good as the updates are and that is what you should be looking for.  But don’t worry we make sure you do not have to go through all that trouble of unnecessary research which might as well confuse you more. Our Antivirus support engineers deal with this every day and their method of determining this is pretty simple. Assessing the configuration of your computer, Brand and model, Operating system, Installed drivers and checking the computer’s daiily activity and that’s it! Our algorithm helps the Support team determine which antivirus software will be suitable for your laptop or desktop and then they suggest you plans to move forward. After that, setup, installation and configuring automatic scans is piece of cake and they make sure you know how to do it yourself so you become independent in handling your own device. So why wait? Dial +1 833 338 9444 right away to get your computer’s security updated.