Troubleshooting ASUS laptop, Smartphones Issues

For all gadget freaks, one of the most popular smartphone brands is ASUS. The company is widely known for manufacturing a wide variety of products from smartphones to laptops. Since the dawn of Android-based platform devices, almost all Android lovers are looking for different products as soon as the product has been launched.

ASUS Zenfone series is now rising at the top of the most popular smartphone models in the world. This is mainly because it is highly packed with different innovative features and specifications.

Asus support

Some users, might find some issues with ASUS laptops or smartphones but don’t worry dear users ASUS is with you. We will help you to tackle all the ASUS technical issue with the help of ASUS Customer service. ASUS support provides by the experts technicians who know their work very well.

In this article, let’s tackle the different issues and how to troubleshoot them.

Let’s get started.

Issue #1: Poor Battery-life

If you’re in doubt about your phone’s performance, it is advisable to contact the Asus Customer Service. In this way, they could help you on how to fix these issues right away. The most common problems experienced by many Asus Zenfone users is the poor battery life. Even when the latest Asus Zenfone model comes with a Li-Po 2110 MAH battery, there are still some issues that concern its battery.

To solve this, you need to make sure that all battery-draining apps or features are closed or off. This includes the Wi-Fi, data connections, and Bluetooth. It is also advisable to use an original or the intended battery chargers.

Issue #2: Over-heating

Another common problem with Asus Zenfone series is over-heating. Due to this issue, the user may experience frustration as the phone can sometimes freeze. So, to avoid this common problem, you should never use the device when it is plugged in for charging. Also, check the app that causes over-heating issue by checking out your app manager.

If this issue persists, you might need to uninstall these certain apps but if you are not unable to complete any time anyhow just contact to the Asus technical support team because ASUS is really helpful, team of experienced guys who know to solve the Asus laptops, smartphones technical problems.

 Issue #3: Performance Lagging

For all android device users, lag in performance is one of the common issues they’ve encountered. In order to speed up the handset’s performance, the best solution for this issue is to turn off all the animations. You can find it in the settings and click the software information.

You can find the animation settings which is by default, 1X. You need to turn them off or reduce them to a 0.5X. In this way, you can see a significant increase in the device performance.

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Other than the aforementioned issues and troubleshooting techniques above, it is better to take a few precautions in order to avoid any possible problems that may be present on your device in the future. You can also check out the for the manufacturer’s update by going through the setting, about, and to system update.

Updates are used to fix minor bugs as well as enhancing the smartphone’s performance. If you see an issue, try to restart your device.By following these tips, you can definitely manage any issues on your smartphone.

Asus Support Number:- +1(833)-338-9444

Asus customer service:- +1(833)-338-9444