How to Fix Canon Printer Problem if it does not Print?

Canon is a Japanese multinational corporation that specializes in manufacturing in imaging and optical products including computer printers. A printer connects to your computer by using a USB data cable and enables you to print any kind of documents you choose. But what if your canon printer does not print anything?

If your printer is not printing anything you might want to check what the problem is and try to fix what the issue may be. Here’s a list of solutions to solve the problem of canon support system of your non-printing printer.

canon printer issues


Instead of hiring an IT expert or a technician to fix the printer for you, why not try fixing the printer on your own? Everyone can actually fix a common printer problem like if the printer is not printing any documents. So, instead of spending a hundred bucks for the service of a technician why not try doing some of the solutions below to fix your printer;

  1. Make sure that your printer is plugged into the socket and have pressed the “On” button on the printer.


  1. Try checking the cable connection that connects your canon printer to your computer. If the USB cable is not connected properly, first turn off your computer and then reconnect the cables and then try turning it back on.


  1. If the printer still isn’t connected to your computer after reconnecting the cables, the cables that you plugged in might have a loose or broken wire on the inside. This is the time to buy a new cable.


  1. Refill the paper tray with new papers if there are no papers. The printer won’t print any documents if there’s no paper or if there are only a few sheets left.


  1. Open a document that you want to print and select the “print” option. Look for the printer selection and then choose your canon printer as your default printer. Your printer won’t print if it’s not receiving the printing request.


  1. Try updating or installing the Canon printer’s drivers. Without the drivers, your printer won’t print the documents that you requested. When purchasing a printer the box already contains the printers’ drivers and is burned in a cd, do not worry if the cd is lost you can still look for drivers on the web.


  1. If the update or installation of the drivers didn’t work try to uninstall the current drivers and then re-install them again. After the installation, restart your computer to refresh the system.


Check the ink cartridges. There is an indicator on the cartridge if the ink is too low for the printer to print a document. Refill the cartridge if the ink level is

  1. below the arrow to prevent your printer form having a damage or cause an error.


Try using one of the solutions above to fix the problem of your computer, just follow the prompts and instructions correctly. But if none of the solutions above works, try contacting the canon customer service to try and help you fix the printers’ problem.

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