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One of the main aim or goal of the wireless D-Link router is to improve an organisation’s productivity by giving the user ability to connect all the network in your home to the modem. Network accessibility allows different devices to share files and load web pages.

The thing is, wireless signals aren’t always perfect, you may notice signal strength loss due to different factors. It could be due to a software issue or physical interference. In this article, let’s tackle the several troubleshooting techniques to solve any D-link router issues.

In Case you are not able to tackle the technical issues itself, then you ask help from D-link customer service. D-link support is will solve your all technical issues.

D-link router customer service

You contact D-link router customer service team by dialling  D-link support / D-link router technical support phone number +1-(888)-519-(1878).

Let’s get started.

 Step 1

The first step to troubleshoot D-link issues is to remove the D-link router from its original position. You could do this especially if the router is placed inside an enclosed space like a cabinet. It is advisable to set the D-link as a central system to the different computer and check if the wireless connection becomes more stable or not.

Step 2

Unplug or turn off any devices that could interfere with the signal of the wireless router such as Bluetooth devices or any 2.4 GHz cordless smartphone. Reset the router if the problem still exists. You could also contact the D-Link Router Customer Service for more information.

Step 3

Try to unfold a paper clip and then insert it into the reset hole to successfully reset the button. Hold the clip while it is inside the reset hole for about 10 seconds. In this way, you could reset all the options saved in the D-link router that resets it to its default factory condition.

Step 4

Open any browser and go through the IP address “” in order to open the setup page of D-link router. At first, visit, try to enter “admin” as the username and leave the password field blank then click ok.

Step 5

Click the Setup wizard and then launch the internet connection setup wizard setting. Just click next and ok to be redirected to the D-link support web page.

Step 6

Just click ok on the following prompt boxes and then selected the type of high-speed internet connection as well as the time zone you’re located in.

Step 7

On the D-link support web page, navigate through the See all products and select the like of the router’s model. Find the D D-link support resources and firmware option and select the most recent update of the software before clicking the download button.

Step 8

Repeat step 4 to login into your D-link account.

Step 9

Choose tools and firmware and then click the browse option and choose the downloaded firmware. After that choose to save settings, in this way, the wireless router will automatically upgrade its own firmware.

Step 10

Finally, find the network icon and find the name of the D-link router you want to connect by right-clicking it.

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For more comprehensive step by step instruction on how to set up and boost your D-link router wireless connection we strongly advise to read the manufacturer’s manual, visit their websites, or contact the D-Link Router Customer Service.