Dell Support: Everything You Need to Know

Dell Support:- When it comes to electronic devices such as laptops, printers, HDTVs, computer peripherals, and cameras there is no doubt that Dell is one of the most popular and excellent brands. As a matter of fact, they are not only popular simply because they offer a wide variety of electronic devices but because they offer the best customer service and support all over the world.

Dell always helps its user’s through Dell support; users can contact dell support team by dialling Dell customer service phone number +1-(888)-519-(1878). Dell Tech Support team was launched with the idea of helping users to resolve every technical issue.

Dell, on the other hand, has established an excellent point of reference in the technical domain. Not only that, they also engaged the generation to the higher and well-improved level. In addition, Dell is a very flexible and reliable brand in every single possible manner.

However, just like any other electronic devices manufacturers, products from Dell also encountered some technical and other problems. But the good thing is, Dell support team is loaded with experts and professionals that are willing to help you all the time, in order to solve problems that your device have encountered. In fact, these very qualified and versatile individuals will check the error in just a matter of a few minutes and they will give you satisfactory results in just a few hours.

Nonetheless, if you are one of the millions of people who owned electronic devices from Dell then this article for you. Or if by chance you’re looking for a solution regarding your Dell device problem, then you have come to the right place.In this article we will be discussing on how to get support from Dell, what are the support options they are offering, and other relevant information that will surely help you.

So if you are ready, then let’s get started.

Dell Support

What is Dell? How To Contact Dell Support?

As what we have mentioned a while ago, Dell is one of the largest, exemplary and famous brands and company in the market these days. Furthermore, it supports and sells a wide range of technologies and personal computers. Apart from that, it also maintains its good reputation simply because they are only offering high-quality and superb electronic devices at very competitive prices to everybody.

Products Offered by Dell

  • Network Switches
  • Desktop Computers
  • Notebook Computers
  • Network Switches
  • Laptops
  • Printers
  • Cameras
  • Televisions (LCD and Plasma TV)
  • Gaming Computers
  • Tablets
  • Projectors
  • Computer Monitors
  • USB Key drivers

Now that you already know some facts about Dell as well as what are the products they are offering let us now move on to the main topic which is Dell support.

How to contact dell support: – Contacting Dell technical support is not all hard because dell is available for its every user. Users who wanted to get in touch with Dell customer service are required to call on Dell support phone number +1-(888)-519-(1878) to talk with  Dell Tech support technicians.


Common Issues Resolved by Dell Support – Dell Customer Service

To all Dell product consumers, you should be mindful of the fact that products from Dell do not regularly cause problems. But regardless of that fact, the company still managed to put up a service center so that they can still offer their customers an excellent technical support effectively even though they are aware that their products will not cause any issues often.

Nevertheless, here are some of the common issues that are being resolved by Dell support team. So if you encountered one of these issues, then it is now the right time to solve it. And in fact, you can also do it on your own because we will also include the instructions on how to resolve it.

Issue #1. Problems that are related to Operating System

If your Dell PC, laptop, or computer is having a problem with its operating system, you can seek assistance from Dell computer support or computer customer service. Both of these can be contacted by the dialing the phone number of Dell laptop or Dell computer.

However, you can also do it on your own without seeking assistance from Dell technical support. By following these simple steps, you can now fix your device’s problem with ease.

  • First, open your Dell PC, laptop, or computer
  • Then check your Windows OS latest update
  • If ever you have a found the latest update, then you should update your current Windows OS with the latest one. But if you have already updated the latest version, all you have to do is to reinstall the OS again.
  • Restart your device
  • Turn on your device and check if there is a problem
  • If you have detected some issues, it will be sorted out if you’ve updated your Windows OS

The simple steps that were mentioned above are proven helpful, but it doesn’t work don’t hesitate to ask help from Dell’s computer support.

Issue #2. Problems regarding Software Installation

If you’re facing an issue that is related to any software installation, then you can count on Dell laptop support or Dell’s computer technical support. By simply dialing their phone numbers, you will be able to receive assistance regarding software installation issues instantly.

On the other hand, by just following the simple steps mentioned below, you can fix the said issue on your own without giving Dell’s computer technical support a call. Either way, here are the steps you need to follow.

  • Open your laptop or computer
  • Uninstall the software file that is not responding or working properly
  • Then restart your laptop or computer
  • After which, install the software for the second time
  • Run the system by simply following the instructions found on your screen
  • Open the software after the installation process has ended
  • Lastly, check and try the software if it is now working properly.

Actually, it is only a minor issue, so there is no doubt that you can do it on your own.


Dell Customer service

Issue #3. Wi-Fi Connection Issue

If any of your Dell devices can’t connect to Wi-Fi, you can contact Dell’s computer support or Dell’s computer service for assistance. But the good thing about this common issue is that you can fix it on your own. How? By simply following the steps given below. You don’t have to worry because these tips were given by the Dell PC support and Dell laptop support.

  • Open your computer or laptop
  • Then go to your computer or laptop’s Wi-Fi Setting
  • Disconnect and forget the device that is currently connected to your computer or laptop in which the Wi-Fi connection issue take place.
  • Reset or restart the router you’re trying to connect
  • Refresh your device
  • Afterward, connect your computer or laptop to the router
  • Open your browser and search for Google to check if the connection is already working properly

Since the steps mentioned above are given by Dell’s experts and professionals, there is no doubt you will be able to fix this issue in just a short period of time.


Issue #4. Problems that are related to Bluetooth Connection

If your Dell device is encountering this issue, you can seek support from Dell Alien ware Support or Dell’s software support. By simply giving them a call, your computer or laptop’s Bluetooth connection will be resolved instantly. However, just like any other issues that were mentioned above, you can also do by yourself. In fact, it is very easy because all you have to is to follow some simple steps. And the steps are as follows

  • Turn on your Dell laptop or computer
  • Disconnect the device that is connected to your laptop or computer by Bluetooth
  • Then go to your device’s Bluetooth Settings
  • Afterward, unpaired and delete the device from device’s Bluetooth paired list
  • Restart your laptop or computer
  • Open your device’s Bluetooth then pair the device for the second time
  • Connect the device make sure it is already paired with your laptop or computer through Bluetooth

The above mentioned steps are definitely helpful. But if you are having a hard time fixing this error, you can consider calling Dell Alien ware Support or Dell’s software support.

Issue #5. Problems regarding Browser and Internet

If your device’s internet browser is encountering some technical issues, you can dial Dell’s support phone number or give Dell customer service a call to get support. As a matter of fact, this kind of issue is somewhat related to internet connection or browser issues.

However, it doesn’t matter in which kind of issue it is, because what matters most is how to solve this issue. Nevertheless, this issue is quite easy to solve because as a matter of fact, you can fix it without asking assistance from Dell’s support team. Either way, here are the steps you need to follow if you want to solve the issue on your own.

  • Open your Dell laptop or computer
  • Open your laptop or computer’s browser
  • Go to your browser’s settings
  • Then clear the cache and delete your browser’s history from your laptop and computer as well
  • Close your browser
  • Restart your device
  • The open your laptop or computer

After following these simple steps, your browser will run efficiently without creating any issues. Also, the steps mentioned above were given by the Dell drivers as well as support service. So rest assured, it will not cause any damage to your laptop or PC.


Issue #6. Virus Removal and the Antivirus Itself

If your laptop or computer is running very slow, there is a higher chance that it infected by a virus. Fortunately, you can now bring back your laptop or computer’s normal running speed. You can solve this problem by getting in touch with Dell’s Premium Support or Dell’s Online Support by dialing the Dell Support or Dell Sales contact number.

However, you can also resolve this issue without asking support from Dell’s customer support chat service. By relying on the steps given below you can now fix this issue. So if think that you can do it on your own, here are the simple steps provided by Dell’s professional support chat service or Dell helpline that you need to follow.

  • Turn on your computer and laptop
  • Check the current speed of your device
  • If the running speed is very slow, then you need to purchase or download an antivirus then install it on your laptop or computer
  • After installing the antivirus software make sure to restart your laptop or computer
  • Open your antivirus
  • Using your antivirus, scan your computer or laptop
  • After the scanning process has been finished, you need to delete the infected files on your computer or laptop
  • For the second time, restart your laptop or computer
  • Finally, check your computer’s running speed.

The above-mentioned steps will surely remove all the viruses found on your computer or laptop. Nonetheless, these steps are proven helpful and useful since a lot of Dell customers already tried it.

Issue #7. Problems that are related to Sound Card Driver

If your Dell laptop or computer’s sound card driver is not working or functioning properly, then feel free to ask help from Dell’s contact service Dell’s support driver. By ringing their phone numbers you will be able to receive help from Dell’s professional and expert support team. However, if you’re determined that you can solve this issue on your own, you can follow simple steps, so that you will be able to fix this with ease. Nevertheless, listed below are the steps we are talking about. And as a matter of fact, these helpful are delivered by Dell Inspiron and XPS Support.

  • Start your Dell laptop or computer
  • Check if our system’s sound card driver is working properly or not.
  • If not, don’t hesitate to uninstall it
  • Delete or remove files that are connected to the sound driver
  • Then restart your device
  • After restarting your laptop or computer, install a new sound card driver, if you have the latest version then it is much better
  • Run the setup
  • Then install the driver directly by following the instructions found on your screen
  • For the second time, restart your device
  • Lastly, check your system’s sound to verify that it is now working properly.

In most cases, these simple steps given by the Dell Inspiron and XPS Support are very helpful. Nevertheless, if you find the steps helpful, you can call Inspiron and XPS Support to inform them that the information they have provided is really working. As a result, they will be motivated and inspired to share some of their insights and ideas.

Issue #8. Microsoft Office is not working

As well all know, Microsoft Office is considered as one of the most used software on laptops, computers, and PCs. But if your Dell computer or laptop is encountering an issue that is related to Microsoft Office, you can fix it by choosing one from these two options, fix it on your own or ask a help from Dell support team,

If you chose the first one, you need to follow simple steps listed below which are also given by Dell’s support chat service.

  • Turn on Dell laptop or computer
  • Go to Microsoft Office Software setup or file
  • Look for latest updates
  • If there is the latest update, make sure to upgrade your current MS office
  • But, if there is no available update, uninstall the MS Office from your laptop or computer.
  • After uninstalling, restart your laptop or computer
  • Using the MS Office CD package, install the latest MS office software version
  • Then restart your computer or laptop for the second time
  • After which, open your MS Excel, Word, PowerPoint and check if the issue is already resolved

On the other hand, if you opt for the second option, you can ask assistance from Dell support team by giving Dell’s customer care a call.

 Issue #9. Forget Pin and Password

Forgetting your own computer or laptop’s pin or password is not a new issue. However, if you are using a Dell computer and laptop and you are facing this problem as well, then you contact Dell’s online chat service to ask some help. By ringing Dell’s support service phone number you will be able to create a new pin or password.

But if you can solve it on your own you can still do it by following the listed steps below that are given by Dell Canada and USA support service. Either way, if you will be trying these steps make sure that your computer is turned on because you will start it by

  • Shutting down your computer or laptop
  • Then from your central processing unit or CPU remove the BIOS and turn on your computer afterward. Once you have removed the BIOS your password or pin will be erased automatically. However, this step is for computer system users.
  • But if you are using a laptop, turn it on then go to Admin Settings
  • In the Admin Settings, you will be asked to create a new user account.
  • Lastly, you can use the new account to log in to your computer or laptop

Honestly speaking, the majority of Dell’s laptop users who have forgotten their pin or password said that these steps helped them a lot.

There you have it, the nine common issues that were being resolved by Dell Support Team.

So now, let us talk about on how to get a support from Dell if your Dell printer faces some issues.

Printer Issues: How to Get Dell Support?

Dell Customer service: – When it comes to printers there is no doubt that Dell is one of the most popular and trusted brands. Even though printers from Dell offers quality work there is no assurance that it will not cause any issue,especially while you are using it.

On the other hand, here are the common issues that you may possibly encounter while you are using a printer from Dell.

  1. The printer is not working properly
  2. Paper blockage or commonly known as paper jam
  3. Issues that are related to the ink cartridge
  4. Wi-Fi printing Issues
  5. Printing issue
  6. The scanner is not working and filtering properly

However, these common issues are somewhat easier to solve. So if your printer is experiencing some of the issues mentioned above, don’t hesitate to call Dell Support contact number. As a matter of fact, customer service representatives from Dell are willing and glad to help you.

In addition, Dell Support team is composed of several professionals and experts that are always ready to help their customers to resolve their queries regarding scanner and printer issues. Nevertheless, as a customer, you will receive the best possible solution in just a matter of few minutes.

What are the Technical Support Services Offered by Dell Printer Support?

There are times that the majority of Dell customers are asking the same queries particularly on the services they are providing. So to give you some idea here are the following.

  • Reinstalling scanner and driver
  • Solving ink cartridges issues
  • Fixing sharing and networking issues
  • Configuring Wi-Fi and other networks
  • Improving ink quality
  • Connecting printer and scanner to laptop, PC, and computer
  • Fix spooling errors

Furthermore, if you want to know more about how to configure your Dell scanner as well as a printer, you can dial Dell’s customer support’s phone number. And as what we have mentioned a while ago, they will assist you in an instant.

Dell Support for Both Desktop and Laptop Users

By dialing Dell customer service phone number, you’ll get a full support for computer configuration such as hardware and software. So if your Dell desktop or laptop needs one of the services listed below, then keep reading this content so that you will know what to do on how to avail the services.

  • Software installation, uninstallation, and upgrading

If you are looking for some helpful tips on how to install and update an operating system, then don’t think twice to dial Dell’s technical support phone number. Dell professionals and experts will tell you that basics on how to uninstall, install, and update an operating system such as Linux, Windows 10, Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 8 properly.

  • Removing Viruses

If your Dell computer or laptop is infected by malicious programs like a virus you don’t have to worry about it, because the Dell customer support team is here to help you. By simply dialing their phone number and telling them your problem you will have the best possible solution in no time. Experts from Dell  tech support team will certainly help you to get rid of the viruses from your computer.

  • Security Maintenance

Device security and privacy are both important for users and luckily Dell Company is aware of it. For that reason, they have a support team who is responsible for helping their customers on how to keep their account information private. So if you are worried about yourself and your device safety make sure to dial Dell Tech support number for assistance.

  • Dell Application and Driver Installation

In order to run applications and software Dell devices particularly laptops and computers need a certain driver. If ever your Dell device does not have a driver or you need to upgrade the version of your existing driver, you can call Dell’s customer service phone number. Dell experts will assist you in the complete installation process.

Other Technical Support Services for Dell Computer Products Issues

  • Troubleshooting computer errors
  • Connectivity and network problem
  • Slow running speed of Dell laptops and computers
  • PC maintenance for Dell computers
  • Low RAM
  • Bluetooth and Wi-Fi Connection

Common Issues Resolved by Dell Support with Dell Desktops and Laptops

  • It is normal for desktops and laptops to get hot especially if you are running several applications simultaneously or you are using it for a couple of hours. But if your laptop or desktop is getting hot even though you just use it for a few minutes without running any application, then you should immediately dial the Dell support telephone number. Once you have dialed their number, you will be able to get valuable and simple tips on how to prevent this common issue.


  • Charging Problem. If your Dell laptop is not working properly or not working at all, there is a higher possibility that main problem lies on the AC adapter. However, for you to confirm what causes the charging issue don’t hesitate to give Dell support a call. Because rest assured they will able to resolve this common issue with ease.


  • Battery Problem. Dell laptops are equipped with a battery that normally lasts for four to five hours which is long enough. On the other hand, some things such as overheating and overcharging may possibly cause problems in the battery. So for you to receive support regarding your Dell’s laptop battery, do not hesitate to seek assistance from Dell Support Team. By simply ringing their line and telling them your concerns you will be able to solve battery problems effortlessly and effectively.


  • Webcam Issues. If you Dell device is facing a webcam issue, all you have to do to is to call Dell support phone number. The experts from Dell will tell you the issue as well as give you some tips on how to fix it quickly.


  • Speaker or Sound Problem. When it comes to the best sound quality there is no doubt that devices from Dell are one of the best. But due to some reasons, they are not functioning well. And sometimes you may possibly find the issue in headphones or speaker on your device. Either way, by giving Dell Support a call you will be able to determine all the problems that are related to sound and audio.


  • Problems with Keyboard and Mouse. There are times, that the keyboard or mouse you are utilizing with your Dell device does not work properly. However, if you are currently experiencing this scenario, then you are advised to go to your device’s control panel and modify the configuration depending on your need. But if changing the configuration does not work then you call Dell’s customer service telephone number as soon as possible.

Other Common Problems and Issues Dell Desktops customers go through

  • Compatibility problems
  • Display and black screen issues
  • CD or DVD burning issues
  • Configuring and setting up issues
  • Windows Activation issues
  • Issues that are related to desktop performance.
  • Hard drive issues
  • The difficulty of installing sound card drivers

If ever you have already encountered or stuck in any of these common problems and issues that Dell users may possibly go through then you don’t have to stress yourself. Because as we always say that experts and professionals from Dell you will be able to receive immediate assistance and solutions.

Why Should You Consider Dell Online Support Chat Service if your Dell Device is Facing Technical Issues

There are many reasons why lots of people choose the Dell Canada Support Service or Dell supports US service when it comes resolving technical issues and providing technical support. As a matter of fact, if you try to search for Dell support phone number online, you will find out that the Dell service number or Dell pro support numbers are at the top of Dell’s chat technical support services list. However, these numbers will help Dell customers to connect with Dell’s support United States Service or Dell’s customer service email.


Either way, here are some of the many reasons why technical support provided by Dell is at the top.

  • Dell support offers assistance to their customers 24/7
  • Computer technicians from Dell are skilled and knowledgeable
  • They do not require any sign-up or registration process
  • If the issues were not fixed which is extremely rare they are not collecting any fees.
  • They provide effective solutions even though the issues looks like hard to resolve
  • They offer satisfaction and reliability among their customers or clients
  • When it comes to Dell services and products, people who are behind the Dell Online Support Chat and support team have complete knowledge about that stuff.

However, the reasons cited above shows that Dell’s online support chat service is composed of a team that is highly experienced and qualified when it comes to solving issues. Either way, Dell’s online support chat service officials are available 24/7. So if you need any assistance, don’t hesitate to give them a call.

Why Choose Dell Support Services?

Across the industry, the environment of IT maintenance and support has been evolving slowly. But with Dell, they have a very long history of advancement and modernization in system repair as well support. Not only that, Dell also built a foundation of alert analytics, big data, sensors, and more

On the other hand, Dell’s Pro support collection as well as support tools like Tech Direct and Support Assist, shift maintenance routines and age-old monitoring from reactive to proactive, from manual to automated, and from passive being proactive.

Either way, here are the support services offered by Dell

Support Services offered by Dell

  1. They offer services for networking, storage, and servers

Whether you’re a growing global organization or business, their support packages that are designed for enterprise systems offer a level of both software and hardware support that you will help you to have a peace of mind and optimize your productivity.

  1. Dell offer services for business client systems

As a matter of fact, Dell has already introduced the most comprehensive support service for tablets, laptops, computers, and more. However, this comprehensive support service is a combination of proactive monitoring and expert support for automatic problem resolution and prevention.

  1. Dell provides tools that are useful for your business success

With the help of Dell APIs, consoles, and portals, as a business owner, you can now easily monitor your system’s repairs as well as health. In fact, Dell is using analytical prediction and vigilant sensors in enabling scheduled maintenance rather than using downtime.

  1. Get Dell EMC Support

With Dell EMC support, you will be able to get a wide range of customer service capabilities and offerings that are predictive, personalized, and proactive.

  1. Offer Support Services for Desktops at Home

Dell provides a comprehensive variety of support services so that your Dell devices, as well as technologies, will run smoothly.

Other Support Options offered by Dell for Your Software and Hardware Systems

  • Pro Support Plus for Dell Tablets and PCs

Pro support Plus offers supports that are important in reducing IT effort, protecting your devices, and preventing problems from happening.

  • Accidental Damage Service

If you want to keep your device running and want to bring its equipment back into is working order then Dell’s Accidental Damages and Repair Service can help you a lot.

  • Parts and Labor Response Options

If you are looking for a technician or needs a partof your Dell device, Dell’s same-day and next-day service support options will keep things running.

  • IT Advisory Services

With Dell’s ITAS or IT Advisory Services, you can optimize the operational stability and performance, and the unplanned downtime will be reduced.

  • Support Assist

Dell Support Assist offers predictive, automated, and proactive technology that lessens the steps in troubleshooting and accelerate the resolution time.

Dell Support Phone Numbers and Contact Information

  1. Technical Support. Fix and troubleshoot operating system and hardware issues. Or ask queries regarding your Dell devices warranty.

General Phone Numbers for Technical Support

Home Users – Premium Support Plus and Premium Support

  • 1-833-338-9444
  • Open 24/7

Alien ware

  • 1-833-338-9444
  • 7:00 am to 11:00 pm (CST)

Home Users in Warranty

  • 1-833-338-9444
  • Open 24/7

Free-Based Out of Warranty – Home User

  • 1-833-338-9444
  • 7:00 am to 12:00 am (CST)

Fee-Based Software Support

  • 1-833-338-9444
  • Open 24/7

Monitor Support

  • 1-833-338-9444
  • Open 24/7

Mobile Devices and Tablets

  • 1-833-338-9444
  • Open 24/7

Pro Support Contracts

  • 1-833-338-9444
  • Open 24/7

Pro Support Plus Contracts

  • 1-833-338-9444
  • Open 24/7

Dell EMC Support

  • 1-833-338-9444


  1. Order Support. Seek help with current purchases. Ask about order delivery, status, invoices, returns, and other information that is related to your current purchase

Customer Support Phone Numbers

Automated Order Status

  • +1-(888)-519-(1878)
  • Open 24/7
  • Order Number Required

Consumer/Home Customer Support

  • +1-(888)-519-(1878)
  • Monday to Friday: 7:00 am to 7:00 pm (CST)
  • Saturday and Sunday: Closed
  • November 23: Closed
  • December 25 and January 1: Closed


  1. International Support Services. Resolve and diagnose technical issues with your Dell devices when traveling across many countries.

International Contact Center

If a certain product from Dell is not retailed in the traveling country or region, you will not be able to receive support in your traveling. For you to get the support you should get back to the country where you purchased the product

  • Either way, the main method for receiving technical support when traveling across many countries is to dial the International Queue at +1-(888)-519-(1878)

But if you are in the United States or Canada you dial +1-(888)-519-(1878)

4. Get responses from Dell sales support team before making a purchase or you purchase Dell products.

Sales Email:

Sales Phone Numbers

Home and Home Office

  • +1-(888)-519-(1878)

Upgrade or Purchase Replacement Parts or Accessories

  • +1-(888)-519-(1878)

Update or Extend your Home Warranty for Tablets and PCs

  • +1-(888)-519-(1878)

Support for the Speech Impaired, Deaf, and Hearing Impaired

  • +1-(888)-519-(1878)

Member Purchase Program

  • +1-(888)-519-(1878)



If you are facing any issues regarding Dell products, then you can seek assistance from Dell technical support by ringing the line of Dell customer care or Dell warranty support. And as what we have mentioned a while ago, Dell online support chat officials will offer you support and assistance by dialing the Dell service or Dell Pro Support phone number.

On the other hand, if you get stuck on a certain issue and you can’t resolve it on your own then you still give either Dell email support or Dell technical support a call. In addition, Dell also developed a helpline that is available 24/7. However, the helpline can be contacted by Dialing the Dell toll-free or Dell support phone number.

Nevertheless, the Dell Support Team will surely assist and give answers and feed backs regarding your concern in no time. Rest assured, the tips, insights, and other relevant information that will be provided by Dell support team will resolve any issues that your device is facing.

Either way, we hope that this article about Dell Support will help you a lot. And as what we have mentioned a while ago if you want to resolve the issue on your own feel free to do it. But if you need some assistance, you can depend on the given steps and recommendation above. On the other hand, if you want your Dell devices to be fixed immediately then don’t think twice and dial one of Dell telephone numbers mentioned above.