How to Update Garmin Map?

You want to update your Garmin map but you have no idea how to  update Garmin gps maps. There are two methods available for Garmin map update, Garmin gps update.
First one is updating it by using Garmin Express and the other one is by using Maps from Other Sources.  Here is an instruction on how to update your Garmin map.

If both ways are not working from the given instruction then you go to take help of Garmin customer service by dialling Garmin help service number +1-(888)-519-(1878).

Update Garmin Map

Instructions on How to Update the Map

Way 1, Garmin Express:

 Step 1: Open your browser and type

Step 2: Click the download button in the middle of the page to download the Garmin express set up file. The buttons are either for Mac or Windows.

Step 3: How to install Garmin express.

For Windows– Click the setup file and follow the prompts to the “install” page then check the “I have read the terms and conditions” box. After loading click the “install” and then click yes.

For Mac– open the Garmin Express DMG file, click and drag the Garmin app icon to the “applications” folder.

Note: Garmin Express can not be installed on Chromebook and on the systems that use Linux operating system.

Step 4: Connect your Garmin device to your computer using the USB port. After loading your Garmin will display its logo and an image that indicates that the connection was successful.

Step 5: Open the Garmin Express app icon then click “get started”, then “Add a Device”, and then the “Add Device” button.

Step 6: Follow the instructions to finish the setup, and lastly;

Step 7: Click “Install all” and then your Garmin will begin its update. It will take several hours for all the updates to finish. After the installation is complete, you can safely disconnect your Garmin.


Way 2, Updating from Other Sources:

 Step 1: Open your browser and go to Garmin website

Step 2: Choose the “Generic Routable (new style)” button as your map type.

Step 3: In this step, you can either choose a Pre-defined country or build a customized map.

In Pre-defined Country, pick a country and then download the file. Click the “Download map now” link to open another window then download the file and then there will be a description that will pop up.

In Building a Customized Map, click the “Enable tile selection” then using the map, use the up and down arrows and the zoom in, zoom out buttons to click on the tiles you want and then you can request your map.

Step 4: After requesting you will receive two emails, the first one will tell you that your map is processing and will give a link where you can check its status. The second email will be a link where you can finally download your map.

Step 5: Move the downloaded map on the SD card of your Garmin and name the folder as “Garmin”, then return the SD card into the Garmin device.

Step 6: to set up map turn on the device then find and click “setup” and then look for the “map” and open it. Click the “map information” button, look for the map you want to use and select it.

These are the methods on how to update your Garmin map. When downloading maps whether if it is paid or free, it will still require an account in the Garmin’s website and the registration of the device.

For any kind of help you can contact support team, garmin technical team is always ready to help you. We can also help you in Garmin Update so that you can update your maps &  Garmin devices as well.