Learn How You can Download HP Drivers for Any Windows OS

If a person decides to install the necessary drivers for their HP product on the Windows platform then they need to go to the official HP website so as to download the official drivers. When a person does search for the drives online they need to make sure to get the official drivers. The reason for this is that the official drivers do not have any adware, spyware or malware in them. In the HP website, the drivers can be downloaded from the software and drivers section.

Hp Printer Drivers

To download the proper windows drivers in HP laptop a person is required to get their HP product model name and also the operating system which is specific to the PC it is running in.

In this particular article, we will be looking into the proper steps of downloading the HP drivers into your PC.

Steps to download HP drivers on your Windows platform- The correct way to download the HP drivers include

  1. In the software and driver’s page, one needs to enter the model name of their HP product.


  1. Secondly, the person needs to follow the onscreen instructions up until you get to the driver download page. The person then needs to select the system to the Windows platform that their PC supports and then click on the update button. If the system is however selected on the specific Windows platform by default then they can skip this step.


  1. The person then needs to click on the download button so as to download the driver installer package. These installer packages are always an executable file (.exe.) After the download is completed one needs to double click on the file and then follow the instructions so as to install the driver.


As you may already know to download the correct drivers is extremely essential. Faulty drivers can lead to serious system issues. For an advanced PC user, it is going to be easy to determine whether they are downloading the correct drivers. But if a person is a novice in the computer field then it could be risky and hard. For both, manually installing and downloading the drivers can be a time-consuming process.

How to update drivers with Device Manager?

If any of the specific hardware components such as video display, touchpad or the keyboard is not working properly or is missing some functionality, updating the component driver is essential and it can be done through the device manager using the following steps.

  1. Firstly, you need to type in device manager on the Windows search bar.
  2. Secondly, one needs to expand the components that they would want to update in the list of devices.
  3. Thirdly, one needs to right click on the device and select the update driver software.
  4. Fourthly, one needs to click on the search automatically option for the updated driver software.
  5. Next, one needs to follow the onscreen instructions so as to install the updated driver.
  6. Lastly, one needs to restart their computer so as to complete the installation of the various updates.

Thus from the above discussion, we get a clear idea about how to install the HP drivers and also how to update the driver via the device manager.