Dell Support- How To Get Dell Support

An American international company, Dell develops and sells computer products and other computer-related services. The company is named after its creator, Michael Dell. It is considered as one of the largest technology companies in the world with more than 100,000 employees across the globe.

Dell Company also provides technology solutions, services & support. Buy Laptops, Touch Screen PCs, Desktops, Servers, Storage, Monitors etc,with Colbert the dell support team.

Dell History

When Michael Dell made Dell Computer Corporation in 1984, the business was then called as PC’s Limited. They first sold IBM personal computers made from stock components before focusing on the business full-time. After having enough capital, they decided to produce computers based on their own design and system. It was sold for almost $800 dollars and the company earnt more than $70 million in its first operation.

In 1987, the company changed its name from PC’s Limited to Dell Computer Corporation and expanded ever since. Their capital which started from $30 million booms to $80 million making the company as one of the Fortune’s magazine 500 largest companies. And not only that, Michael Dell was renowned as the youngest CEO ever.

Dell Products and Services

Dell customer service

The company offers different products with specific brand names that emphasize their reliability. Here are some of them:

  • Office and Home Desktop Computer Systems such as OptiPlex, Dimension, and Vostro
  • Notebook Computers such as n Series, Latitude, and Precision
  • High-End Desktop and Notebook Computer like XPS
  • Budget Desktop and Notebook Computer like Inspiron
  • Android/Windows Tablet like Venue
  • Business Server like PowerEdge
  • Direct and Network-Attached Storage like Power Vault
  • Network Stitches such as Force10 and PowerConnect
  • Storage Area Network like Dell Compellent
  • Enterprise Class like EqualLogic
  • Electronic Medical Record like Dell EMR
  • High-Quality Gaming System like Alienware
  • Peripherals such as USB key drives, LCD televisions, and printers
  • Dell Services such as Dell Solution Station, Dell Support Center, Dell Business Support, Dell Ever dream Desktop Management, and Your Tech Team.

Dell Support Library

The corporation has a wide variety of investigation they conduct to gather information that affects their products and services. Here are as follows:

  • Software, Security, and Antivirus

Search for information for your Dell products and services such as the installation of operating system, drivers and applications, and system updates.

  • Server, Storage, and Networking

Provide access solutions and tools to support your current installation.

  • Identifying Dell

Gives information on how to automatically locate your service tag for Dell systems.

  • Audio and Speakers

Get assistance for audio or speaker and even headphones and microphone issues including no audio, low volume, and distorted sounds.

  • Battery and Power

Learn to run diagnostic tests, troubleshoot battery, and other power issues on Dell products like AC adapter and fan.

  • Data Storage, Backup, and Recovery

Offers multiple ways to backup and recovery of your data by support and service options.

  • Dell Technologies Subsidiaries

Support for other subsidiary partners.

  • Monitor, Screen, and Video

Find tutorial videos on how to deal with your displays and webcams.

  • Mouse, Keyboard, and Touchpad

Deals with common issues regarding your mouse, keyboard, and touchpad.

  • Network, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth

Helps you in setting up and maintaining a connection in your wired or wireless network, Dell wireless or Bluetooth devices, and troubleshoot connection problems.

  • Operating Systems

Start getting information from articles to solve issues for the different operating system provided by Dell.

  • Dell Printers

Delivers solutions for printer setup, general usage, and advanced configuration for your Dell Laser printer or Inkjet.

  • Getting Started

Dell assists you with your new device or system and gets the latest updates.


To prove that Dell is more than just a company that focuses on selling, they provide support by having numerous customer representatives. They will help you manage your problems with regard to their products and services. You can either contact them through chat, email or call on Dell support phone number.