HP Printer issues: How to troubleshoot them?

For consumers, printers can sometimes become a maddening range of problems. Issues like running the ink too fast, flawed print quality, jammed paper, printing in a very slow pace, or they’ll just refuse to the print process at all. However, the good thing is, there are tons of methods on how to solve these problems.

Troubleshooting HP printer issues could vary from models to models. In order to get a comprehensive guide to the installation, setup, and configuration of HP printer, you could contact HP printer Support customer service.

In this article, we’ve gathered the most common problems in every printer and we’ll show you how to solve them as well.

Let’s get started.

HP Printer issues

Issue #1: Printer won’t print at all.

Make sure that your printer is connected to your computer via an Ethernet cable, USB or Wi-Fi enabled. This problem could be due to a corrupted printer driver which is why it needs to be reinstalled. You can check the HP printer customer service to check out the latest version of the software.

Issue #2: Running out of print but can still print

Replacing the ink cartridge immediately when a low-ink warning is prompt in the machine’s screen may not be a wise idea. These warnings can sometimes inaccurate which is why to solve this issue, you could continue the printing process and see how long it takes until the print’s quality starts to degrade or when the printer shuts down which forces you to purchase more ink cartridge.

Issue #3: Can’t print from mobile to printer

For all modern models of printers, non-Wi-Fi or wireless, you can probably print from a mobile or tablet device to the printer. All major models of printing machines have now included third-party apps that will let the user print in a wide range of printer models. Check the manufacturer’s website or read the user manual to check the information about the compatible apps for your mobile device.

Issue #4: Printing takes too long

One way to improve the Wi-Fi performance and to reduce the printing time, you could place your printer very close to your internet router. You could also do this by checking the support of your router and if the firmware is updated. In this way, you could retain the flexibility of your printer while improving the Wi-Fi performance during the printing process.

Issue #5: Printing machine is too slow

There are some models of printers that could run at a fast pace while other are like sloths. The trick to solve this issue is to print in Draft mode or whatever the lowest-quality setting there is in your printing machine. Unless you intended to print quality pages, you should also avoid two-sided or duplex printing to make sure that your printer will work in a rapid and efficient way.


If you’re still on doubt about these aforementioned tips and tricks on how to solve common printing machine issues, you could always contact the HP support phone number or visit the manufacturer’s website to learn more about these issues and how to solve them as well.