A Comprehensive Guide to HP Support 1-833-338-9444

Today, Hewlett Packard or commonly known as HP have turn out to be a noticeable part of our day-to-day lives, with their technology being the peak of the digital revolution. HP, on the other hand, is very well known because of their laptops, printers, computers, and even tablets. As a matter of fact, HP is expert when it comes to manufacturing products and that is why they are considered as one of the best-seller brands.

However, even though how impressive a certain product is, there is a higher tendency that it may encounter some technical issues, simply because there is no perfect product. Even so, if you any of your HP devices are facing any issue, you don’t have to worry about because HP support team is always ready to help and in fact, HP customer service is one of the best support service providers. However, HP support team doesn’t only focus on resolving technical issues, but they are also answering other queries that are related to their brand as well as products.

Either way, if you’re one of the many HP device users then this content is for you. Or if you are looking for an easy to solution to settle out your device issue, lucky you because you’ve come to the right place.

In this article, we will show you everything about HP support and other relevant information that will surely help you.

Nonetheless, let’s begin this article by listing the different products offered by HP.

Different Products Offered by HP
  • Printers
  • Software Products
  • Digital Cameras
  • Scanners
  • Tablet Computers
  • Phones
  • Pocket Computer
  • Desktop Computers
  • Calculators
  • Business Desktop
  • Notebooks
  • Servers

    Common HP Printer Issues and How to Solve Them

    As we all know HP printers are very reliable but at times they malfunction due to several reasons as well as show error messages. Either way, we have compiled the common HP printer issues along with their solutions.

    1. Toner is dirty or doesn’t fit the page

    For this printer issue, you need to check its fuser. However, you are advised to replace it with a new one if it’s close to its end. Even so, if you don’t know how to replace a fuser than contacting the HP printer support or HP Customer service is a must. In fact, they will give you the best possible solution as soon as you tell them the issue.

    On the other hand, you can also resolve this issue by referring to your HP printer’s installation manual. Either way, is the fuser displays a clean Fuser input, you need to clean the fuser as soon as possible.

    1. Paper Jam

    Actually, the paper jam is a very popular and common printer issue in most printer products aside from the HP. However, there are lots of reasons why paper jam exist. For example, incorrect paper type and paper tray selected, loose paper roller, wavering paper bits, and even dust.

    However, this printer issue is very easy to resolve, of the paper stuck in the paper tray then you have to remove it.

  • In addition, if the roller looks glossy then replacement is needed.
    1. Printer Spooler Service is not working

    This issue is very common to HP printers. In order to solve this issue, you need to type services.msc in the run dialog box then press Enter. After which a service window will be opened. From there, look for the printer spooler which is located in the right part of your screen and select Restart. After restarting your machine, try printing a test page.

    1. 4 Error Message

    This error means that there is a problem in the power supply. Also, this error will occur, if your HP printer is plugged into a power strip or UPS. Either way, to resolve this issue, directly plug your HP printer into a power outlet.

    1. Error Message 69. x

    To resolve this issue, turn off your printer and wait for 15 seconds before turning it on again. Though you can also ask assistance from HP support or by dialing the HP contact number.

    1. Wireless Printing Error

    There is no doubt that wireless printers are useful for both home and office use. On the other hand, when it comes to speed wired printers are the best. The majority of wireless printer users tend to encounter low printer speed. However, in order to solve this issue, you need to transfer your printer and keep it near to your router. Also, make sure to keep your other devices like cordless phones and security alarms away from your router. Because these devices create electrical disturbances which make your printer works sluggishly.

    HP Customer Service for Printers

    HP offers a free tool known as HP Print and Scan Doctor to resolve and diagnose printing as well as scanning issues. In fact, this tool automatically and quickly performs lots of troubleshooting tasks. This tool, on the other hand, is proven effective in solving several scanning and printing issues. Either way, here’s how to use the HP Print and Scan Download.

    1. Download the tool from HP official website.
    2. From the download location of your computer run exe
    3. Once you have installed the tool, you need to launch it and click Start.
    4. After which, select your printer. However, if your printer is not on the list you need to turn it on and click the Retry But if there’s a problem in connection, you need to follow the guidelines in the tool.
    5. Click either Fix Scanning or Fix Printing depending on the issue
    6. The results will be displayed using icons.
    • Your printer passed
    • Exclamation mark. The test was unsuccessful and skipped
    • The issue was found and fixed.
    • There is a problem with your printer and you have to follow the given instructions to solve it.

    In addition, aside from using HP Print and Scan Doctor tool you can also use the HP Printer Support Assistant. This software is specifically designed for HP users to help them troubleshoot and maintain either HP printer or computer.

    You can make use of this software to read important messages, troubleshoot problems, run diagnostics, check product specifications, and even check if your printer is still in the service contract.

    To open or check if HP Support Assistant is already installed, you have to search Windows for HP. From the list of the search result, click HP Support Assistant.

    But if it’s not yet installed, you need to download it even if you are using a non-HP computer.

  • After downloading and installing, launch the software then add your printer to the list of devices. Afterward, click the image of your printer to see several troubleshooting tools. How to Troubleshoot an HP Laptop Troubleshooting an HP laptop isn’t difficult. As a matter of fact, the most common issues can be determined easily and quickly. So stay calm and let us try to identify the cause of these issues in a consistent manner. Troubleshooting an HP Laptop 

Step #1. Look for the serial number and model number. These laptop details are commonly found at the bottom of the device. However, you’ll be needing this information of HP customer service phone number if you need help from them.

Step #2. Take away the power cord and check if your laptop can be powered with battery only. If your laptop doesn’t turn on, your machine’s battery may be dead.

Step #3. Place again the power cord and plug it into a power outlet. Then try to switch on your laptop.

Step #4. After turning on, check if the desktop appears on your screen or the laptop turns on. If there’s no power meaning to say, you need to replace the power supply with a new one. However, if there’s a power, then the light intended for power will on while the desktop will appear on your screen.

Either way, if the screen doesn’t turn on but there’s a power then the problem is with the hard drive, screen, or operating system.

Step #5. Check if there is any problem with your hard drive. To do this, insert a recovery disk in the CD drive make sure it is bootable then restart your machine. However, if your computer boots, as well as the screen, works, there is a possibility that your hard drive is corrupted or there is an issue with your OS. If that is the case, you are advised to reinstall your OS from a backup copy. But if this can’t be done, the only solution to this problem is to change the hard drive.

Step #6. Identify if your machine can connect to the internet. To do this, just simply connect your laptop to the Internet. However, if this is ineffective, make sure that there are no outages with your ISP or Internet service provider. Also, check if the router or modem is functioning properly. Lastly, check if your machine can connect to the internet by means of a wired connection. If so, then your machine’s wireless card needs to be replaced.

Step #7. Try to insert a disk to the disk drive. Either way, if the drive doesn’t work, you need to reinstall the drivers. However, if the drivers are not still operating after the re-installation process, then you need to replace it.

Step #8. For more difficult issues regarding HP laptop, you can check your HP support or manual. Better yet, call HP support number or ask assistance through email support or live support. You can also, see their message boards for technical problems.

How to Get Support for HP Laptops

HP laptops are considered as one of the most popular laptops in today’s day and age. And in fact, they are ideal for both business and home purposes.

However, people want to have an uninterrupted computing experience, but a machine can’t offer that. In such situation, opting for HP support can be a great idea. For the past couple of years, HP tech support team is engaged in delivering technical support for HP laptops. As a matter of fact, their team of experts is capable of solving minor to major problems that may possibly ruin the whole work. Either way, a basic yet right troubleshooting can save both of your time and time.

On the other hand, getting HP support and assistance from HP technical support team is very easy. All you have to do is to dial the HP tech support number +1(833)-338-9444. HP customer support service is available 24/7 so that they will be able to offer their customers a complete assistance depending on their needs.

However, the assistance process is also easy, just tell them your query and they will run a diagnostic test to determine the issue. Once the issues have been identified, they will follow the right measures to solve the problem. Afterward, they will be discussing the whole troubleshooting properly, so that you will be able to know the cause of the problem and prevent it from happening again. And in the end, they will help you to resolve the problem immediately.

HP Support

Either way, even though HP laptops are one of the best, technical issues can’t be separated from them. But as a user, you can do simple things to avoid these issues. Nevertheless, listed below are some useful tips on how to protect your HP laptop.

Tips on How to Take Care of your HP Laptop

  • Keep your laptop’s BIOS up to date, to make sure its excellent performance.
  • Always keep your hard drive optimized or defragmented
  • Clean junk files regular
  • Make sure that your system has enough RAM
  • Install only the right drivers, because if you did not, your laptop may possibly encounter major issues.

Technical Support Services Offered By HP Support Team

  • Aid in troubleshooting boot associated problems with your HP laptop.
  • Help for removing temporary and junk files
  • Help in troubleshooting any other issues with regards to HP laptop
  • Technical support in case your HP laptop is crashing abruptly or working slow
  • Setting up system restore point
  • Aid for fragmenting
    • Resolve blue screen issues
    • Support in case you can’t install printer, antivirus or other application on your machine.
    • Troubleshooting driver related problems

    Nonetheless, if you are experiencing any of the above-mentioned issues and looking for an HP support, then don’t hesitate to call HP support number for an immediate solution.

    HP Customer Support for HP Computers that are not starting

    Step 1. Remove devices and discs before troubleshooting startup issues

    Turn off your computer, then remove any USB devices and discs as well as the memory cards. Also, disconnect all non-important devices like external hard drives scanners, and printers. However, don’t remove the monitor, mouse, and keyboard.

    After removing all the devices and disc, switch your computer and observe what will happen.

    • If your machine starts, connect up the devices individually then restart your computer to find out which device or disc is causing the issue.
    • If your machine still doesn’t start and shows the same issue, switch off your computer by pressing and holding the power button.

    Step 2. Do a hard reset

    Several startup issues, as well as other problems, can be settled down by means of decreasing the stored power in hardware components. However, reducing stored power is also known as Hard Reset. Either way, here’s how to perform a hard reset on your computer.

    Turn of your computer, then remove the power cord from the back of your machine.

    1. After removing, press the power button for about five seconds. However, the power light indicator should turn on for a short time and then go out
    2. Return the power cord then switch on your computer. If your computer starts, then you’re done, but if not, continue with the troubleshooting.

    Step 3. Troubleshoot the Computer Startup Issues

    Listed below are some of the common issues. If you find an issue that matches with your current computer’s condition, then follow the give instruction in how to resolve it. But if you can’t find an issue the matches with your machine’s conditions, then you need to follow the fourth step.

    1. The computer doesn’t receive power

    If there’s no noise from the machine fans or case, the computer lights will not illuminate, while the screen will not receive video signals, your computer may possibly not receiving any power.

    1. The computer starts but creates beeping sounds

    Normally beeps sounds take place when a hard drive cable or memory DIMM isn’t seated properly or a keyboard key is trapped.

    If you experience this issue, all you have to do is disconnect the keyboard and mouse then restart your computer. If the sounds stop, replace or repair those devices.

    1. The computer starts, but the monitor is unresponsive or blank

    If you are experiencing this issues, just simply follow the given steps below.

    • Listen to your computer and check the lights to troubleshoot unresponsive or blank monitor.

    If the computer creates sound when start, the processor, memory module, cable, or card inside the mac machine may possibly come loose. But if you can see lights or hear fan spin, there is a problem with your video cable connection. However, if you didn’t hear any noise from the fan or the light (power) aren’t on then the issue is related to your computer not to the monitor.

    • To troubleshoot the monitor problem, connect your computer to another monitor.

    If the new monitor works, replace the monitor’s power cable then turn on the monitor. However, if it displays image, then everything is fine. But if the monitor is still blank, remove the video cable. After removing the cable but the monitor remains blank, you need to service or replace the monitor.

    • Inspect both video connectors and cable for damage
    • Update and reset the BIOS.

    You can still do this step even though you can’t see anything your monitor by following the guidelines below.

    1. Switch in your computer then press F10 repeatedly for eight seconds.
    2. Press the down arrows thrice and then Enter key twice
    3. Your computer will restart, but if your monitor remains blank, follow this next step
    • Check internal components
    1. Remove all the cable excluding for the power cord
    2. Press the power button for about five seconds with the power cord removed
    3. Remove the screws to open the system unit
    4. After which, gently press the edges of memory modules and cards that are a slot in the motherboard.
    5. Then press down the connectors gently to seat them
    6. Reconnect the removed cables then turn your computer on.

    If the monitor shows a No Signal message or still shows a blank screen, the video hardware needs

    • Change the display resolution
    1. Right-click the Start button, then select sign out or shut down
    2. While you click restart, press the Shift key
    3. Then click Troubleshoot followed by the Advanced options
    4. Afterward, click the Startup Settings then Restart
    5. To enable the low-resolution video F3 or 3 key
    6. Wait until your Windows opens, then connect the original monitor that was altered a while ago.


    Step 4. Run A Hardware Diagnostic Test

    This test will check all the important components of your computer to make sure that they are working properly. Here’s how to check for issues.

    1. Hold and press the power button till the is completely turned off
    2. Then turn in your computer and press F immediately and repeatedly
    3. Click System Tests from your UEFI main menu, then look for Fast Test. The test may possibly take three to five minutes or longer depending on the system configuration.
    4. After which, click Run Once
    5. Lastly, if there are issues detected you have to follow the on-screen But if there are no issues, then continue to the preceding step.


    Step 5. Check if the hard drive is identified in the BIOS

    Your computer will not start if the hard drive isn’t identified in the BIOS. Either way, here’s how to check if your system’s hard drive is detected on the BIOS.

    • Disconnect or remove all devices or discs from your machine excluding the monitor, mouse, and keyboard.
    • Switch on your computer press F10 repeatedly and immediately, till the BIOS Setup tool starts.
    • Select storage, by using the right and left arrow keys. For selecting the Device Configuration, use the down and up arrow keys then press the Enter key.
    • Under the Hard Disk check if a hard drive in registered
      1. If the name of the hard drive is listed, close the BIOS without saving changes then skip.
      2. However, if you can’t find the hard drive name or the text None or Auto is listed, close the BIOS and proceed to the section labeled with a hard drive is not detected in the BIOS and follow the given steps below.
    • Reset the BIOS
    • Disconnect and reconnect the cable intended for the hard drive
    • Reseat and remove the memory module.

    Either way, if the hard drive is identified in the BIOS but your computer doesn’t start, continue with the next step.

    Step 6. Reset or Refresh your PC

    If your machine isn’t opening to a “Choose an Option Screen” then proceed to Step 7.

    Nevertheless, to reinstall your Windows you can use the Refresh your PC which is a Microsoft feature. Rest assured none of your apps, personal files, and even settings will be affected. Here’s how to refresh your PC.

    1. Click Troubleshoot, in the Choose an Option screen then click Refresh your PC
    2. Click Next
    3. If your computer opens Windows and starts, you’re done. But if not continue troubleshooting.

    Here’s how to reset your PC.

    1. Click Troubleshoot, on the Choose an Option Window then click Reset your PC
    2. Click Next and then choose the quick option so that your personal files will be removed.
    3. If your computer opens Windows and starts, you’re done. But if not continue troubleshooting.

    Step 7. From Recovery Discs, run the Microsoft system restore

    If you obtained recovery discs from HP support or created your own, you can use the System Restore to bring back the machine to a time when it started. However, follow the given instruction below to do this step.

    1. Switch on your computer
    2. Insert the recovery discs to the drive
    3. Turn off your machine by pressing and holding the power button
    4. Remove all the connected cables and devices such as faxes, printers, and USB drives. Also, disconnect the media from the internal drives but don’t disconnect the power cord, mouse, monitor, and keyboard.
    5. Then turn your computer again then immediately press F9 till the menu intended for Boot Device Options
    6. To choose the CD/DVD drive you can use either the down or up arrow key, then press the Enter Key.
    7. After which, a window may possibly display and allows you to choose if you want to run the Recovery Manager from the inserted discs or hard disk. However, if this window showed, you need to choose the Run Program from the Disc and click the Next button
    8. Choose an option depending on the kind of recovery discs you have Created Recovery Discs.

    Below the, I need help immediately, click the Microsoft System Restore. If the next window asks you to confirm your choice, choose Yes and then click

    Next. If there’s no any confirmation showed, continue to Step 8.

    • From HP Support Recovery Discs

    Choose the Restore your computer to a previous state and then click Next

    1. To bring back your computer to time and date when it started up properly, just simply follow the instructions on your screen
    2. You have to wait until the system restoration is being completed
    • If your machine starts to Windows, then you’re now done
    • If not, you have to perform the next step

    Step 8. Do an HP System Recovery

    If the given steps above haven’t resolved your machine’s startup issue, then you need to do a System Recovery so that you will be able to reset your machine to its new factory shipped condition.


    How to Get HP Driver Support for HP Downloads and Drivers

    Hewlett-Packard has been providing both software and hardware products for several years. HP, on the other hand, has gotten its credibility in the marketplace because of its efficient services and products. Aforementioned, this company offers hardware products such as a driver, printers, personal computers, laptop, and desktops. As a matter of fact, it provides to all the customers who need drivers for their different HP devices.

    The role of driver software is to connect a certain HP product to the laptop or computer of the user. The good thing is that HP gains driver software for its products.

    Even so, for customers who are having a hard time navigating their driver can take help from the HP Driver support or which is available 24/7.

    You can call any of these numbers, though it is better to call the HP Driver support, to obtain the best HP customer service from the experts. On the other hand, their customer service can be accessed online. And rest assured, their expert technicians will deliver you the needed support. Same with their line, HP tech support team is also available 24/7 and in fact, there’s no day off for representatives.

    Nonetheless, the HP driver support is really an amazing support as it gives all the best and possible solution to different problems. Not only that, HP has also gained the support of several people because of its competence in delivering the best services as well as products.

    How to Download and Install Printer Driver from HP Customer Support Automatically

    If you want to update any of your machine’s driver, you can do it in two different ways. Nevertheless, continue reading to find out how.

    Way #1. From the HP Customer Support, Automatically Download and Install the Driver.

    If you want to download any driver on HP’s site, just visit their website and follow the given instructions. However, of if you’re planning to download a driver for your HP printer make sure you know the printer serial number or model number so that you will be able to obtain the right one.

    Way #2. Using Driver Easy, Update your driver automatically

    If you do not have patience, computer skills, or time to manually update your driver, you can perform it automatically with the help of Driver Easy.

    This software, on the other hand, will recognize your system automatically as well as find the suitable drivers for it. With this you do not need to know what system is running in your machine, you do not need to risk installing and downloading the incorrect driver, and most importantly, you do not need to be scared about making any mistake while you are installing.

    Either way, you can update your drivers with either Driver Easy’s Pro or Free version. Nevertheless, here’s how to use the Pro version of Driver Easy.

    1. Download and install the software
    2. After installing open it and click the button labeled with Scan Now. The Driver Easy will scam your machine as well as detect driver problems.
    3. After scanning, click the Update button that can be found best to the HP printer driver, to download and install the right version automatically. But if you want to update the all out of date or missing drivers just simply click the Update All button.

    Is HP Customer Service Excellent?

    Are you experiencing any problems with your HP device? If so, you don’t have to worry about it, because HP’s customer service will give the best possible solution to resolve your problem regarding with their products or services.

    HP, on the other hand, has a wide variety of resources such as HP Support Assistant, phone, and even social media to help you search for the appropriate solution. Either way, let us now find out the different technical support resources of HP.

    • HP Social and Web Support

    HP’s troubleshooting and support websites provide a profound trove of information that can be accessed easily by both tech-savvy as well as entry-level users. As a matter of fact, HP’s website has been improved to offer a more cohesive presentation with enormous blue tabs for User Guides, Product Information, How-tos, Troubleshooting, Drivers, and software. Apart from those, you can also find Support Center for Windows 10 users

    On the other hand, you can either enter your HP device’s product number or the serial number of look for general solutions. However, once you have entered all the relevant info, you can now see if the repair order is already available in case your device needs to be returned to the factory. Not only that, you can also register any of your products or verify your system’s service contract status.

    However, if you are always using your social media, you can still ask questions and get the answers thru Twitter, Facebook Messenger, as well as Facebook. Even so, if you tried to ping the either the company’s Facebook page or Facebook messenger for HP Support, you will get a notice that your queries will be answered after two hours or less, between 8:00 am to 6:00 pm.

    Nonetheless, you can keep in touch with an HP technical support representative on any social media platform from 8:00 am to 10:00 pm (Monday to Friday), while on Saturdays and Sundays, you can reach them from 10:00 am to 6:30 pm.

    When it comes to their Support Assistant chat application, they are open 24/7. For you to try this service, you just have to enter the needed information such as email address and name, after a couple of seconds, a chat window will be displayed.

    Either way, if you don’t want to transact with virtual tech-support agents or assistants, you can possibly visit the YouTube channel of HP to find answers. And in fact, starting August 2018, HP will provide a new way of technical support by means of a mobile application. This new method is come in handy even though you are not using computer or laptop.

    • HP Phone Support

    If you want to perform your technical support business by means of phone, HP has many phone numbers for their customers to reach out an HP tech support representative. Aside from that, HP has also lots of call centers across the world including El Salvador, India, Philippines, Costa Rica, Mexico, Canada, and United States.

    HP Support Phone Number:- +1(833)-338-9444

  • However, if you don’t know which line you should call to seek assistance, you can visit the HP website and look for the tab labeled with Contact Support. From there, you need to enter your device’s serial number, afterward, you will see options for Chat, Phone, and Facebook Messenger. Either way, under the Phone icon, you will see two different numbers as well as your case number. The first number is intended for issues regarding with powering up your machine or system while the other one is for the whole thing.

    HP does not only offering a wide variety of products, but they have also a great resource at its disposal to help their customers. As a matter of fact, if a certain user asks for an assistance from HP technical support representative rest assured they will give you the best possible and reliable solution in just a short period of time. The HP tech support numbers, on the other hand, are very easy to find and of course easier to reach.

    So if you have facing any problem with your HP device don’t hesitate to ask HP assistance from the polite, patient, experts, and highly skilled agents as well as technicians of HP Customer support team.

    Either way, we hope that this article will help you a lot.

    For any type of query or doubts contact the HP customer support team to resolve all kinds of your technical issues.