Microsoft Customer Service: Is it Good or Not?

Microsoft is considered as a reputable and popular company when it comes to providing both hardware and software products as well as services. As a matter of fact, they have been serving the whole for several years.

Microsoft on the other hand, are not only top notch when it comes to delivering products, in fact, they are also offering the best customer service.

Either way, let us see how Microsoft Customer Service provides support or services to their customers by means of social, web, and phone support.

Microsoft support

Microsoft’s Phone Support

The Microsoft’s support phone number can be reached 24/7 in 48 countries with 119 call center companies. In this case, we can say that Microsoft really provides excellent customer service. In fact, many Microsoft customers said that Microsoft gives them the best possible solution after telling them their queries.

As a matter of fact, their support team has highly skilled and professionals individuals that are knowledgeable when it comes to solving both hardware and software issues.

However, if you want to receive Microsoft Customer Service or support that is a bit personal, then you can schedule a call with a virtual assistant.

Microsoft’s Social and Web Support

Microsoft also invaded the Internet world by giving their customers the chance to reach them through email, social media platforms, and even YouTube. Even so, Microsoft has an enthusiastic support account that operates 24/7.

But even though, the Microsoft’s Facebook page does not offer any means to contact them, they had given a link which brings their customers to Microsoft’s support web page. From this link, users will be able to raise their questions and receive the possible solution on just a short period of time.

In addition, Microsoft’s customer service has its own YouTube channel. This channel,on the other hand, contains lots of videos covering problems ranging from product delivery, how to make use of assistive technologies, how to update and install windows, and of course how to solve common issues.


With the given information above there is no doubt that Microsoft does not only offering good products and service to people because Microsoft Customer Service is also a top notch.