Where and How to Contact Microsoft Support for Assistance?

Where and how do you seek help if you’re dealing with problems that are related to Microsoft Office, Windows, or any other Microsoft service or software? If you don’t have any idea then this is for you.

In this content, we will be listing some email ID, useful resource links, and Microsoft Support Number, where you can get assistance from Microsoft.

Microsoft customer service

Different Microsoft Support Number

As a Microsoft product user, you can contact Microsoft Technical Support or Microsoft Customer Service Support on the following numbers from 24*7.

  • In the United Kingdom – +1-(888)-519-(1878)
  • In Canada – +1-(888)-519-(1878)
  • In the United States – +1-(888)-519-(1878)

Either way, you can visit Microsoft’s official website if you want to know the phone numbers for other countries.

Even so, before giving them a call, make sure to prepare the version as well as the name of the Microsoft product that you are using. Also, prepare the product’s product key or identification number. So that, the Microsoft representative will easily identify the service contract service of your product.

Microsoft Email Support

If you can’t reach their tech support team using the Microsoft Support Number you have another option. You can email the Microsoft support team if you have any issues regarding their services and products. On the other hand, if there email support is offline there is a certain form that you can see on their website where you can jot down your queries. As soon as the form is received they will contact you thru email.

Microsoft Support Chat

Aside from contacting Microsoft Support Number or thru email, you can also reach them via a support chat. However, identifying if the chat support agents are online or not is very easy. But even though they are offline you still raise a question.

On the other hand, you can also use the service known as the Microsoft Answer Desk, it is a live paid technical support website where you can chat with an executive from Microsoft Support.


Microsoft will never contact you personally on their own especially if you are dealing with problems about their services and products. However, if you receive an email or phone call, saying that they are from Microsoft and offer to help you, make sure that it is not a scam. Most importantly, don’t give out information about your product.