QuickBooks – How to Get QuickBooks Support

Dealing with summarizing, analyzing, and recording financial transactions for any business is quite a complicated task. It requires a skilled and intelligent person to report transactions like tax collections. So to make things a little bit easier for businesses, Quick Books was developed.

This accounting software marketed by Intuit offers accounting applications that accept payments, manage payrolls, and pay bills. After witnessing the success of Quicken for financial management, founders Scott Cook and Tom Proulx decided to create a similar service for business. That is when QuickBooks products were introduced to the market.

As, we all know that Quickbooks, is not completed and not so easy, so users might get  pissed off when they are unable to do something, so in this case without any hesitation they can contact the Quickbooks customer service aka Quickbooks support and leave the rest on Quickbooks Tech support team.

quickbooks support

QuickBooks History

As it is based on the DOS version of Quicken code base, QuickBooks was not meant for double-entry accounting. However, it became popular for the 85% of small business with no formal training in accounting. Yet professionals see poor security controls and does not offer conformity with the traditional accounting standards.

That is why Intuit thought of ways on how to fill the gap between accounting professionals, they provide full audit trail capabilities, increase its functionality, and made it double-entry accounting. They also develop a Basic and Pro version with workflow processes and reports for a specific business type. And throughout the year, QuickBooks continuously releasing new versions with new features.

Different versions of this products now include for wholesalers, contractors, and retailers. There is one version specially intended for professional accounting firms who have small businesses client. Also, Intuit in Canada, Australia, and UK QuickBooks Service, tax calculations needed in the region.

QuickBooks Service Features

Through integration with Google, Microsoft Outlook, and Outlook Express, Intuit has several web features including:

  • Remote access capabilities
  • Electronic payment functions
  • Mapping features through Google Maps
  • Remote payroll assistance and outsourcing
  • Online banking and reconciliation
  • Email functionality
  • Employee time tracking
  • Pre-authorization of electronic funds

QuickBooks Online

This cloud service works for the user who wants to pay a monthly subscription fee rather than the upfront fee to access the software. Intuit provides an automatic upgrade regularly. QuickBooks Online is supported by Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc. and can be accessed through an iPhone or Android app. It was rebuilt in 2013 to allow parties to generate small business applications and provide customers the chance to customize the online version of QuickBooks.

QuickBooks Support

Intuit’s QuickBooks support for customers through several topics such as:

  • QuickBooks Setup & Navigation

It composed of tutorial and how-to videos regarding the company setup, navigate QuickBooks, and converting to QuickBooks.

  • Running Your Business in QuickBooks

This tackle about the QuickBooks applications, banking rules overview, managing sales and income, subscription payment options, creating budgets, create and pay bills, and so many more.

  • Solving Issues & Error Messages

Some issues and errors that QuickBooks is supporting are online banking connection, importing to online, and online multi-factor authentication.

  • Business Question

They provide a trusted network of small business owners that gives advice and answers to customers.

  • Contact Us

You can call their support hotline from 6 am to 6 pm to Monday up to Saturday to ask specific questions.


They providing the Quickbooks customers Support for clients is very important. It shows how committed you are to your business and how much you want to progress. QuickBooks is one of the tools that small businesses can use to help them with financial transactions. It can make any complicated job into easier and organised reports.

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