What are the Support Services Offered by Microsoft?

Are you having a hard time dealing with problems that are related to your Microsoft products? If so, then you can seek help from Microsoft Support by giving them a call. Actually, their line is available 24/7, meaning to say you can always count on them.

Microsoft on the other hand, have a team of experts that are willing to assist in order to fix the issue regarding your Microsoft products. Nevertheless, let us find out the different services offered by Microsoft.


Microsoft Support

Support Services Offered by Microsoft

Microsoft technical support team offers vast support services such as:

  • Fixing issues that are related to MSN mail, Outlook, and Hotmail
  • Installation of Microsoft Windows
  • Upgrading software
  • Upgrading security features

Aside from the mentioned support services above, Microsoft has lots to offer including commercial support, business support, and enterprise services.

As a matter of fact, the services they are offering are wide-ranging meaning to say, you don’t have to seek help from others when it comes to the solving the issues you are dealing with their products.

Microsoft, on the other hand, provides support to all people who are using their products. However, they offering support in two different forms

Two Forms of Microsoft Support

  1. Microsoft Technical Support

This Microsoft support offers support options as well as locate the right tech support team who can resolve a certain issue that you are currently dealing with. The Microsoft tech support may possibly include assisted support or self-help support.

  1. Microsoft Customer Service and Support

This Microsoft support will help you with questions with regards to Microsoft services and products. In this situation, a representative from Microsoft will help you in locating the right team or resource to answer your queries. This form of Microsoft support is ideal to use if you have questions about general customer service.


Now that you already know some of the many services offered by Microsoft Support, for sure you are now aware where you can seek help when your Microsoft products are dealing with some issues. Nevertheless, when seeking an assistance make sure that you’re communicating with the right team so that the issue will be resolved with ease.