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Telikin, easy to use computers for the elderly

When you are residing in the United States of America and you are looking to buy a good computer to suit the needs of the elders in the family, then just dial the Telikin Phone number. You will be guided by the exceptional customer tech support team of Telikin.

Telikin support number

What are the features of Telikin computers?

When you call the Telikin computer support number, you can get a briefing on the features of the Telikin computers. Some of the main features are listed below.

  • Accessing video tutorials

This is one of the best features that can be availed in Telikin computers. It is very easy to access this feature, just a click on the help button on the top right of the desktop screen would do the needful. It is designed so efficiently that the desktop screen displays the help content according to the page or content currently in use. This reduces the effort of the elder citizens to scroll down for the right help need each and every time. The help tutorials are available in text and video formats. These are more than enough to clarify all your doubts. But, in case if you still have doubts, then there is a feature at the bottom of the help box to contact the Telikin computer support team. An e-mail can be left to them stating your doubts and you will get back a call from them or a reply to your e-mail. This guarantees that lifetime service is provided to the customers. The kids of the parent do not have to spend time in their busy schedule to attend to the queries of their parents. This can be left in the hands of the Telikin support team.

  • Uploading and transferring pictures

The Telikin computers are so sleek in design that the elders do not get confused as to how they need to upload the pictures on to the computer. Telikin customer service number can be used if you are unable to locate the slot on the computer. Uploading and downloading the photos from and to the computer is a cake walk. The storage of the pictures is facilitated as there is no complication involved in the storage drive of the computer. There are options to connect the charging slot of the camera directly to the computer, to connect the pen drive or other USB slot to the computer and there is an amazing feature of this computer. Not all the computers have a card reader slot embedded in them. But, the Telikin computers have a card reader slot embedded in them. In most of the mobile phones used these days, card readers are the widely used media of secondary storage. So, it is not suggested to look for a card reader every time you need to view files on the computer. The card has to be inserted into the card reader which in turn needs to be connected to the computer. All these processes need not be performed in a Telikin computer.

Once the secondary storage device is connected, by clicking on the photos tab on the left side of the screen, you can find a load photos tab on the top right of the screen. By clicking on the load photos tab, the photos from the card or the other storage device are transferred to the computer. The secondary storage device can be simply unplugged after transferring.

  • Internet Radio

The internet radio is one of the best features offered by the Telikin computers. Who does not like listening to soul-stirring songs while they are travelling? One can listen to the latest songs using the FM radio. The elders spend a lot of time at home more than they spend outdoors. So, the Telikin computers have installed a feature where the elders can play any FM channel across the globe in a single touch. The web feature in the Telikin computers has the access to the various online sites like Pandora. Pandora is an online streaming site where you can listen to any FM channel. Once an account is created in Pandora, one can select the genre of songs they wish to hear to make it custom like their own album. If they have any doubts regarding setting up of an internet radio, then they can contact the Telikin Phone number for seniors.

  • Easy to access medical info

As elders, they tend to look out for genuine medical information online frequently. So, the Telikin computers have provided a quick link to its website to search for information swiftly. These websites would prevent one from visiting the doctor even for the simplest of the issues. But the Telikin support
the team would not encourage replacing these websites in the place of a general doctor.

  • Internet connection

The internet connection is one of the mandate requirements these days. The Telikin customer service team is ready to answer even the queries that pertain to getting a proper internet connection. The Telikin support staff contacts the best internet service providers in town to provide the internet access to your Telikin computer. The internet services are necessary to use email; browse internet etc., Getting an internet connection is one of the toughest tasks, so vest it in the hands of Telikin support to get proper connection services.

These are some of the major features one can use while using the telikin computers.

What are the top selling models of Telikin computers?

If you contact the Telikin customer support number, you will be provided with suggestions of these three models.

18.6 inches touchscreen telikin computer

If you ask for a great but pocket-friendly computer, then the Telikin Support Number/Telikin support team without a second doubt would say to buy this computer.

This computer is branded as the worlds easiest to use computers for senior citizens.

The computer brand has earned fans of medical experts, technology reviewers, celebrities and a lot another consumer.

Highly secure computer provided alongside with VIP support.

22 inches touchscreen telikin computer

This is one computer which provides the best viewing for movies and other videos. Another special feature about this Telikin computer is that the texts can be converted into speech. The Telikin customer Service team would suggest this computer if the need is a large size computer. Apart from the large LED size, the keys of the keyboard are very large in size, so the elders who suffer from the problem of trembling would find it easy to type. The mouse is also large in size. There are so many other features. If you want to know as to how to use the various features, then make a call to the Telikin support number.

15.6 inches Laptop

It is not very easy to spot a computer company that designs computers for elders make laptops. Telikin provides this amazing service of manufacturing exceptionally good laptops. These laptops are 15.6 inches in size. They appear much bigger in size for a laptop screen. This is done to facilitate better screen viewing by the elders. The screen is only big in size but the laptop is never heavy. The laptop also has great RAM capacity and it has good processing speed. This is one of the best made laptops for senior citizens. If you have too many doubts regarding the usage of this laptop, then dial the Telikin computer phone number for seniors.

With the description provided for all these models, you can pick up the best model of your need. For further queries on which model to buy, the Telikin phone number can be used anytime.

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Deals to avail by buying Telikin computers

There are a lot of deals you can avail by buying Telikin computers. The Telikin computer support would provide you a detailed explanation of deals one could avail by buying the Telikin computers.

  • Free Software updates

If you buy Telikin Computer, you need not keep paying again and again for upgrading the software of your computer. The Telikin support team would upgrade your software once the software has reached the deadline. Software updates cost a hole in the pocket. This particular expense can be avoided by using the free software update services from Telikin.

  • One-year warranty

This is the first guarantee the Telikin computer support would never fail to assure. Within one year of purchasing, if the computer breaks down or it fails to perform at its best, then you can ask for free replacement services from the telikin customer service team. The other companies would think twice to provide even six months of guarantee period whereas Telikin provides one-year warranty without thinking more than once.

  • Online Backup

The elders in the family might delete some files by mistake. Even the baby boomers would make silly mistakes like this. So, the Telikin support team would help one in backing up their files online.

  • VIP support

Any customer at Telikin is treated like a VIP. The VIP support services include remote services. The Telikin computer support team can instruct the users remotely of how to use the computer.

Is Telikin only for elders and baby boomers?

The statement from the Telikin support team mentioned that even some of the tech enthusiasts show a lot of interest in using the telikin computers. These computers transport the users back in the time of introduction of computers. They say

60-day satisfaction guarantee

The customers can use the computer for 60 days and they can continue using it only if they like the services. This is the kind of guarantee that is provided by the company who are sure of their quality.

Why telikin can be said as the best option for elders?

The telikin support team has received the following complaints commonly from the elders.

  • The computer takes more time to start
  • Where can I find the photos that have been sent by mail?
  • How can I use the printer?
  • How to connect the webcam to make video calls?
  • The computer has been infected with the virus
  • Unable to see the file downloaded

These are some of the complaints which the elders make. The high end operating systems-based computers never help the elders to a great extent. In fact, their functionalities only end up confusing them a lot. So, the telikin support team has consulted with the computer manufacturers and program designers to come up with a computer that is friendly with those who are not clear about the technicalities involved in computing.

The problems put forth by the customers and how telikin helps in resolving them.

  • Takes more time to start

The windows or other common operating systems-based computers take some time to start. This perplexes the older persons and newbies. When the computers like Telikin with simpler OS like that of mobile phones or tablets are used, then it takes considerably lesser time to start.

  • To find the photos

The elders are not sure of the drives where the photos get saved. So, the telikin computers have linked the commonly used accounts like Facebook, Gmail and other accounts of communication to the photos folder. So, whenever photos are received in the various accounts, it gets transferred to the main photos folder. If the elders have trouble locating the photos album, then Telikin customer support number can be used.

  • How can I use the printer?

Finding the USB slot in general computers is one of the common complaints received by the Telikin computer support team. The USB slot in the Telikin computers can be easily spotted. So, the elders can connect the printer easily and take printouts.

  • Making video calls

The main reason why elders get a computer for themselves is to video chat with their children who live far off. But, the video chat seems to poses a lot of complexities. The best part about using telikin computers is that there is an icon for everything in the desktop of your computer. The elders can access them easily.

  • Virus infection

The computer is highly secured. Since the software installed in the system serves as the gateway for all downloads, there are very fewer chances of the computer getting infected by the foreign virus objects. The virus infection slows down the operation of the computer. The Telikin computers come with anti-virus software installed. If the software expires, then the customer can make a call to the Telikin support number for seniors and get it upgraded.

  • Unable to see the file downloaded

This is yet another complaint received from the elders who use the computer often. The Telikin customer service team thus made sure to get the files all accumulated in a single place. So, it is easy for the customers to spot the downloaded files.

What are the other stunning features of Telikin computers?

When there are other computers in the market, why do customers prefer Telikin especially? The reasons are as follows.

  • Video tutorials

Apart from the excellent support extended by the Telikin support team, the access to tons of video tutorials is provided. These video tutorials prove to be very useful for the elders as they tend to forget a lot of instructions over time.

  • Printed manuals

The older generation is still accustomed to the use of manual to understand the working. Many companies have stopped circulating printed manuals. But the  Telikin computer support has realized the need for printed manuals and have provided the customers some of them.

  • On-Screen Support

Any customer who buys Telikin computers is given VIP support. As a part of the VIP support, the remote services can be activated by dialing the Telikin customer support number. When you are perplexed, the support team comes to the rescue. The computer can be accessed through remote and the necessary services are thus provided.

  • 24×7 tech support

Telikin knows how to retain its customer base. The 24×7 tech support team clarifies even the simplest of doubts of the customers.

  • Cheap and best

If you compare the prices of the Telikin computers and the other computers of the same category, you can find that the telikin computers are a way cheaper than the other brand of computers.

  • Anything a touch away

The best feature of the system is that the usage of keyboard and monitor are restricted a lot. Anything is tried to be brought within a touch. The magnification provides a better view of the elderly people.

  • Great design

The designs of the Telikin computers are so efficient for the elder people and the newbies to use. The design of the computer apart from playing a vital role in enhancing the look of your computer, also adds on to the lifetime factor.

These are some of the other stunning features of the Telikin computers.

If you are looking to buy a computer that will change the life of the elders in the family, then buy Telikin. The computer also engages a lot of elders very effectively. It is more like a companion. A human form of companion provided in the form of Telikin support too. These are some of the reasons why you should be buying Telikin computers.

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