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When it comes to enhancing or boosting wireless speeds or range, it is important to take note of the speed and distance. Having a speedy network is great, however, if your speed doesn’t mean so much when you are 15 feet away. In general, the speed and range issues could also affect the overall performance of your TP-link router.

In this article, let’s examine the different useful tips on how to effectively make your wireless as robust as possible and how to reach TP-link customer service .

TP-link Customer Service

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Tip #1: Change your router’s channel

The channel doesn’t mean your TV channel, but your wifi routers. During the installation of a typical router, you can choose a certain channel by default while some require least crowded for better performance. It is a great way to choose a wifi channel that is least crowded mainly because it can increase or boost the performance of your router in terms of signal range.

To do this, you can go to your router’s interface however for better guidance, you could contact the TP-link Customer Service Phone Number or read the manufacturer’s manual as well.

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Tip #2: Update the firmware of your router

Most home users tend to overlook the firmware update. Typically, most routers display some sort of notification or message if a new software update is available for download. You can go to the manufacturer’s website in order to see these notifications and check out the download links for the firmware updates.

These updates typically solve or fixes any minor bugs in the router as well as boosting its performance. So, it is important to always make sure that you have the latest update of firmware by checking the website of the manufacturer or contacting the TP-link router Customer Service  Number.

Tip #3: Change your router’s position

If you are experiencing range issues, then you might probably want to rearrange or reposition your router. Generally, it is important to place the wifi router in a central location. You can also buy custom length Ethernet cable that should fit your specific requirement. In this way, you could acquire more flexibility by positioning your router centrally.

Tip #4: Install the DD-WRT software

Many people are now using DD-WRT to ramp up the performance of their router. DD-WRT is basically an open-source software that is specialized for router components. However, before deciding to install this software, it could possibly lose or invalidate the warranty of your router. You can find the download link of DD-WRT on their website.


We strongly recommend consulting the TP-link support or the manufacturer’s hotline for more information about any issues that could happen in your wireless network connection.

Aforementioned, firmware updates are also important which is why to make sure that that your router’s firmware is updated by checking the website of the router’s manufacturer. In this way, any minor or major issues should be fixed as well as boosting the performance once your router’s firmware is updated and checked.