All Steps to Install Canon Printer?

Canon Printers are the most preferred types of printers owing to the benefits it provides. Once people buy the printer, they start looking for Steps to Install Canon Printer.

The printer manual is the best place to find the installation steps given neatly. But if you had lost the manual somewhere, then these are the Steps to Install Canon Printer. If you follow these Steps to Install Canon Printer one by one, then installing a printer is like a cakewalk. You do not have to depend on the technicians for the installation of your printer.

Steps to install canon printer

  • This is the very first step under Steps to Install Canon Printer. Switch on your computer. Insert the CD that came along with your printer into the computer drive. The CD helps you to install the printer to the computer. Use the Start button and the Devices and Printers option. Add the new printer to the computer using the add printer dialog box.


  • There are other dialog boxes that appear on the screen. Provide the needed validation. When all the processes for the installation are complete, then you can start using the printer easily.


  • When you are following the Steps to Install Canon Printer, make sure to connect the printer directly on to the port of the computer. This ensures strong connectivity. When you use a USB hub, there are chances of your hub not responding properly.


  • In case of a wireless printer, then there are slight changes to the Steps to Install Canon Printer. After you add the printer, make sure the printer is connected to the network. The device from which you are sending the data and the printer should be connected either directly or via a network.


  • The Steps to Install Canon Printer in the computer depends and varies with the type of operating system used. If you are a windows user, then you can follow the instructions specified above and if you are an iOS user, then you must follow the instructions specified for iOS.


  • The CD is needed to install the drives. But, if you don’t have the drives, then you can download them from the net. The drives are those which act as the interface between the computer and the printer. It has instructions that bind the printer and computer. So, don’t worry if you don’t have the CD. You can download it from the net.

The installation needs to be done right. If the installation is not proper, then you cannot expect proper functioning of the printer.

There are also certain things you need to keep in mind if you are connecting the printer to a computer that already has a connection. You should not remove the old connection but make sure to add the new one and maintain different names for easy identification.

You can also find the installation steps in the official website of Canon. The common queries regarding installation are also posted there.

Follow the steps properly and enjoy uninterrupted services.